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 @9RDZQHH from New York answered…41mins41m

Yes, and voter ID should be free, and automatically register every citizen to vote when they turn 18

 @9RDDSGC from Florida answered…2hrs2H

Yes, the minimum voting age should be aligned with the minimum age of federal criminal responsibility.

 @9RDPZNP from Indiana answered…9hrs9H

No, but require them to be reviewed by an external, nonpartisan entity who is to report any misconduct to the public.

 @9RDFWTD from Maryland answered…11hrs11H

They must serve their time befre they can run again. Also, disallow anybody with corruption charges from any office rega…

 @9RDFLB6 from New York answered…11hrs11H

I believe that if they provide for our country they have a right to vote. but they should understand what they’re voting…

 @9RDFHW6 from California answered…11hrs11H

yes, but make the photo ID widely, easily, and cheaply accessible, and automatically register every citizen to vote.

 @9RDDDJP from Alabama answered…12hrs12H

Almost "pass a basic test". More: Young people should be educated on the process of voting throughout childhood/young ad…

 @9RD5T95 from New York answered…13hrs13H

All citizens should be registered to vote automatically once they turn 18, however, should provide valid ID to submit th…

 @9RD4BW4 from Illinois answered…14hrs14H

Yes, but voters should automatically be registered to vote upon turning 18 and be supplied with a voter ID card that inc…

 @9RD3Q5S from Illinois answered…14hrs14H

Individuals who have no criminal records, have been in the country for 15 years, have proven to contribute to society

 @9RD3245 from California answered…14hrs14H

Only add more requirements if there are equally helpful ways to get registered and avoid long lines, and audit the emplo…

 @9RCZ43P from Wisconsin answered…15hrs15H

No, but reform the primary system to allow all states a vote.ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd…

 @9RCRNC9 from Texas answered…17hrs17H

No, unless they are politically motivated and without merit, factual evidence, and due process was denied.

 @9N8MT4F from South Carolina answered…17hrs17H

No, mail in ballots should only be sent to those who request in advance. Otherwise this will increase voter fraud.

 @9RCKWBM from Arizona answered…18hrs18H

No, if former prisoners lose their right to vote there is no reason a politician convicted should be able to run for pub…

 @9RCKNNS from Texas answered…18hrs18H

Reform the voting system to be one open primary for all parties. Top 3 or 4 candidates are entered as candidates to gen…

 @9RCJTJT from New York answered…18hrs18H

Yes, but voter IDs should be free and citizens should be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18

 @9N8MT4F from South Carolina answered…18hrs18H

Yes, photo ID is required for many other things so it should also be required for voting to prevent fraud.

 @9RCJBW4 from Utah answered…18hrs18H

I believe that they should have to prove they are who they say they are in some way, but I don’t think the ID should be…

 @9RCHZJT from California answered…19hrs19H

Yes, as long it wasn't for a sedition, treason, registering as a foreign agent, or an offense related to being under the…

 @9RCHZJT from California answered…19hrs19H

Yes, a photo ID should be required to vote, as soon as the federal government issues each citizen one to do so, and main…

 @9RCHZJT from California answered…19hrs19H

The electoral college needs to be amended to reduce each state's value by 2 points. States that currently have a 3 shou…

 @9RCFSMC from North Carolina answered…19hrs19H

Yes, a photo ID should be free or charge and there should be programs to assist people with obtaining one.

 @9RCD7GQ from Georgia answered…19hrs19H

yes, but make getting one insanely easy and free - potentially even the ability to get one on the spot when voting if th…

 @9RCBMZK from Delaware answered…20hrs20H

Yes, if every citizen is automatically registered when they turn 18, and there is an option to have the photo ID mailed…