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 @9RDQK49 from New York answered…8hrs8H

No, but regulations should be introduced as to how they are promoted (like how there are warnings on cigarette boxes)

 @9RDQFZ7 from Wisconsin answered…8hrs8H

No, Health Insurance Cooperatives should be created to provide affordable insurance to all citizens.

 @9RDP2VS from Illinois answered…8hrs8H

No, but provide incentives against unhealthy things (taxes on junk food/tobacco) and incentives for healthy things (gyms…

 @9RDMM3C from Texas answered…9hrs9H

Required vaccinations should only take place in the event of extremely deadly pandemics and deadly viruses.

 @9RDML6X from North Carolina answered…9hrs9H

Not to increase, but IMPROVE some Americans can’t afford HC but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be accessible to them

 @9RDK878 from Wyoming answered…9hrs9H

No, we don’t even have enough medical professionals to provide care for patients in America now who aren’t drug addicts.

 @9RDJYYD from New Jersey answered…9hrs9H

Yes unless written permission from a medical doctor that it may be harmful for that particular person.

 @9RDJ5GS from Colorado answered…10hrs10H

Yes. Low income citizens deserve the same access to healthcare as the rich, even though they do not get it.

 @9RDGXQY from Pennsylvania answered…10hrs10H

I’d prefer to do away with it and keep the taxes in my paycheck to manage them on my own. But, there’s the issue of maki…

 @9RDFWTD from Maryland answered…10hrs10H

Anybody who works a public facing job should be required to be vaccinated against communicable diseases.

 @9RDFBPB from Florida answered…10hrs10H

Our healthcare system needs a complete overhaul. Make abortion illegal and get rid of frivolous lawsuits. Grants for res…

 @9RDDDJP from Alabama answered…11hrs11H

The government should tackle the issue causing healthcare to be so expensive, not funding the expensive insurance compan…

 @935PNTQ from Massachusetts answered…11hrs11H

Yes, but only businesses that cannot reasonably allow masks and social distancing at all times and/or have to interact w…

 @9RD85VX from California answered…12hrs12H

yes, increase production to lower costs and increase taxes and release anybody serving time for drug offenses.

 @9RD7B59 from Wisconsin answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but only those who are not fully disabled or terminally ill. If they are able took they should work.

 @78MJYZM from Indiana answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but only for products that are addictive or will lead to long-term negative effects such as vaping/nicotine

 @9RD5X4V from California answered…12hrs12H

Switch to public health care with insurance guarenteed and prices regulated by Feds states can set up their own health s…

 @9RD45SM from Illinois answered…13hrs13H

Yes, but integrate them with rehabilitation centers, and increase funding for homeless mental healthcare.

 @9RD3W2L from Massachusetts answered…13hrs13H

Yes, private and public plans should be available. However healthcare should be regulated to keep costs low and give the…

 @9RD3245 from California answered…13hrs13H

Complicated issue, more drugs should be legal but for the remaining illegal ones, this proposed idea would help overall…

 @9RD27CG from Alabama answered…14hrs14H

Yes, if the business is considered necessary and the work requires employees be in contact with the public.

 @9RCZ43P from Wisconsin answered…14hrs14H

No, the government should work to lower the cost of healthcare rather than pumping public money into a broken system

 @9N8MT4F from South Carolina answered…14hrs14H

No, this would cost too much taxpayer money. Open the markets so insurers can compete across state lines and reduce cost…

 @9RCTJBD from Ohio answered…15hrs15H

yes, if a person hasn't shown a disability or such like that would prevent or create a hard work experience.