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 @9RDXQ2C from New York answered…1hr1H

Yes, if they have equivalent education, experience and tenure, and businesses should be required to publish their salary…

 @9RDWC6T from Colorado answered…3hrs3H

Yes, and lower taxes for the poor, increase taxes for the rich, corporations and churches need to pay high tax rates

 @9RDPYMS from Alabama answered…7hrs7H

Yes, but not nation wide. Rural communities that don’t have higher costs of living are hurt by their small businesses pa…

 @9RDML6X from North Carolina answered…7hrs7H

Your money is your money . The rich have “earned” what they have, but the poor should not be punished because of moneta…

 @9RDKXM8 from California answered…8hrs8H

No. Instead we should reduce military spending, increase taxes on the wealthy, and increase taxes on large multinational…

 @9RDJ4D7 from California answered…9hrs9H

Reformat existing tax brackets to increase taxes more specifically on top 5% and multinational corporations, remove all…

 @9RDF7M4 from California answered…9hrs9H

Yes, and adjust it every year according to inflation; they should be required to keep all of their employees. To combat…

 @9RD6SF7 from Texas answered…10hrs10H

Yes, considering equal level of other variables such as education, experience, and tenure, men and women should be paid…

 @9RD85VX from California answered…11hrs11H

No, not unless they are working 4 10 hour shifts. Yes, only if they are working 4 10 hour shifts. businesses can dec…

 @9RD85VX from California answered…11hrs11H

no, but maybe look over acquisitions and mergers going forward or having a minimum amount of competition

 @9RD7VNS from Wisconsin answered…11hrs11H

No, a decentralized protocol would almost implicitly lead to further deregulation, and thus greater wealth inequality

 @9RD7JM8 from Illinois answered…11hrs11H

Not yet, because people in general don't have trust in their federal government and believe they waste a bunch of money.…

 @9RD5T95 from New York answered…11hrs11H

Property taxes should be paid up until the home is paid and should be at a locked in rate at the purchase point of the h…

 @9RD5T95 from New York answered…11hrs11H

Yes, but I would prefer that income tax be eliminated completel and the IRS be directed to oversee other funds

 @9RD5SGK from Texas answered…11hrs11H

No. Lower brackets should pay less than higher brackets and receive more exemptions. In addition, descendants of form…

 @bunnies444 from Virginia answered…12hrs12H

No, but they should put a limit on how much money they can generate and prevent corruption and greed.

 @bunnies444 from Virginia answered…12hrs12H

Yes, for abled people it must be supplemental, it should be mainly targeted towards disabled people.

 @9RD4R3D from Michigan answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but provide treatment to those testing positive and also test government employees and politicians.

 @9RD4R3D from Michigan answered…12hrs12H

Yes and lower the income tax rate for the poor and remove all existing tax loopholes for large corporations.

 @9RD4FMY from Michigan answered…12hrs12H

No, universal single payer healthcare will allow employees to simply seek better employment, and the market will adjust…

 @9RD3GFD from Texas answered…12hrs12H

Yes, raise taxes on all brackets but eliminate all government overspending by dispatching auditors to all levels of gove…

 @9RD3245 from California answered…12hrs12H

Both the cutting of military spending and the increase of actually receiving taxes from large corporations and highly we…

 @9RCYP75 from Colorado answered…12hrs12H

Yes, portions of the company that are not based in the US should be separated from that corporation.

 @9RD2CDZ from Wyoming answered…12hrs12H

No, we should go to a flat tax and remove all loopholes and workarounds for those that place all their finances in stock…

 @9RCTRWZ from Ohio answered…14hrs14H

Reduce the national debt by cutting military spending, increasing taxes on the wealthy, and focusing on reducing tax eva…