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 @9QVW6N2 from Colorado answered…14hrs14H

This is very complicated. We should do a delicate dance with climate change spending and regulation but we should do bot…

 @9QVMXSL from Texas answered…23hrs23H

No, the manufacturers of electric vehicles should be responsible for installing a network of charging stations.

 @9QVMVS7 from Texas answered…23hrs23H

Yes, to an extent. We are heavily reliant on it right now, but we should try progressively switching to more sustainable…

 @9QVMSJP from North Carolina answered…23hrs23H

Not banned outright since that would burden individuals, but they should be phased out over a set transition period. Als…

 @9QVMSJP from North Carolina answered…23hrs23H

Yes, but target new regulations towards big companies that are the primary polluters rather than burdening the average c…

 @9QVMC94 from Tennessee answered…23hrs23H

The government is solely responsible for climate change with their weather control methods and others.