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 @9RKB9Z5 from Minnesota answered…15mins15m

Yes, all new cars should be hybrid or electric by 2035 and hybrids should be able to travel 100 miles on pure electric b…

 @9RK5HW7 from New York answered…3hrs3H

Yes, as long as there are government funded vouchers for low income families to purchase a new or used electric vehicle

 @9RK3894 from New York answered…4hrs4H

The should encourage and promote hybrid vehicles where feasible until the technology for electric vehicles is greatly im…

 @9RJPSYN from Nevada answered…9hrs9H

No, the government doesn't need to regulate or monitor every little aspect of our lives.No, the government doesn't need…

 @9RJF46S from Florida answered…17hrs17H

Add incentives for more conversion to Electric to make competitive or cheaper than gas and diesel vehicles, but do not o…

 @9RHVPWB from Texas answered…23hrs23H

The government needs to focus on the vehicles and machines that mine, collect and/or transport raw materials used for pr…