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 @9RJYDCF from New York answered…3hrs3H

I'd rather increase taxes for the rich to help with other issues versus interest rates. College isn't the be all end all…

 @9RJXFTH from Minnesota answered…4hrs4H

Yes we should increase taxes for the rich but not to decrease student loans - but because it's the right thing to do

 @9RJVR8N from New York answered…5hrs5H

I believe that your taxes should be based off of your income. Although, heights of it should only be temporary especiall…

 @9RHR3YG from Colorado answered…23hrs23H

Increasing taxes on the rich and student loans are non-exclusive issues. We need to tax the rich more in general, and co…

 @9RHMR7B from Pennsylvania answered…24hrs24H

There should be more government funding and resources to help make college more affordable for students.