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 @9HJ3M57 from Kentucky answered…3hrs3H

not enough knowledge on topic, but leaning yes because then fallout can be real (the games) (i love those games) (im als...

 @9HHYQ6LPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…10hrs10H

yes, should be allowed to be used for agriculture and business growth, but balance it out in a healthy manner. it improv...

 @9HHY637 from Missouri answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but it must be strictly regulated and away from urban areas to prevent corruption and accidents. It would also be t...

 @9HHWLLH from Alabama answered…14hrs14H

Yes, nuclear is THE most effecient and clean power sorce on earth. it just has a bad reputation. thorium reactors are al...

 @9HHS5ZR from Arizona answered…19hrs19H

I believe that it is bad for the economy but some people cannot afford to get electric cars or other electric things

 @9HHQVFD from New Mexico answered…20hrs20H

I don't really care what type of energy we use that much. I don't support it, but I also don't not support it.