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 @9FL7LHF from Oklahoma answered…4hrs4H

Military service age should be moved to 21 and provide at least one year service in education and skill development for...

 @9FL2NDT from California answered…10hrs10H

I believe having one year of military service can be very beneficial for both the citizen and our military. As long as y...

 @9FKXKHL from Nebraska answered…12hrs12H

No unless the military is in big need of people

 @9FKWMRW from California answered…12hrs12H

The high criminal recorded and the people who aren´t pursuing an education or employment

 @9FKSJJ7 from Texas answered…13hrs13H

I say 2 years.

 @9FKRHKY from Minnesota answered…14hrs14H

Yes but you need to be able to so if you are not health enough for example then no

 @9FKPD3GProgressive from Kentucky answered…15hrs15H

No but make it where you must accept to be drafted

 @igeryuIndependent from Kansas answered…16hrs16H

No, service should be a choice instead of an obligation. Joining out of obligation creates an unfit military force.