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 @9RK6XY8 from Iowa answered…49mins49m

Two year degree and must carry passing grades as well as require to finish. Timely change of direction once within reaso…

 @9RK353C from Alabama answered…3hrs3H

No, but provide scholarships/free tuition to incentivize pursuing skilled trades at 2-year institutions.

 @9RJZSQC from Virginia answered…3hrs3H

No, some people are too stupid to go to college. It would just be money wasted. The world need ditch diggers too. Along…

 @9RJZJ6Lfrom Guam  answered…3hrs3H

Yes but there should be options for all families (e.g. a family of any wealth status is able to decide if they want a pa…

 @9RJYLVN from Washington answered…4hrs4H

No, but they should pay for 2-year/vocational colleges for free or at a lower cost. Prioved lower interest rates for stu…

 @9RJY8Z5 from New York answered…4hrs4H

Combine several of these - provide lower interest rates for loans, more scholarship opportunities, and on a needs basis,…

 @9RJX2YM from Texas answered…5hrs5H

Yes full options should be available for low income households, and reduce the rate of college tuition overall.

 @9RJWS9Y from Washington answered…5hrs5H

lower interest rates for loans, more scholarship opportunities, free 2 year community college tuition

 @9RJTBNP from Utah answered…6hrs6H

No, but there should be some sort of regulation on the increasing tuition rates to make it more universally affordable

 @9RJP4H3from Guam  answered…11hrs11H

All people should be able to access higher learning. A portion of future income should be taken from graduates to pay f…

 @9RJNHQ5 from Texas answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but only for public universities, and don’t allow universities to easily switch to being private.

 @9RJLRBV from Florida answered…14hrs14H

Yes, for students who have shown they can be successful and for career fields where there is great need to support our c…

 @9RJKJXZ from Texas answered…14hrs14H

If student loans were not an option, college would be way cheaper. Charging interest on student loans is a crime.

 @9RJJXHF from Louisiana answered…15hrs15H

No, but they should regulate how much four year colleges and state universities are allowed to charge for tuition so tha…

 @9RJHGYT from California answered…15hrs15H

It depends but regardless they should pay for partial tuition if they have the ability to. Education is extremely import…

 @9RJB6ZX from Wisconsin answered…17hrs17H

No, but provide more scholarship opportunities for in-demand public services (police, social work, teaching, etc.)

 @9RJ5R2J from New York answered…19hrs19H

No, but regulate state universities to lower tuition and provide lower interest rates for student loans

 @9RHZ4KC from South Carolina answered…20hrs20H

If tuition is too expensive for the government to pay for then it is definitely too expensive for individuals especially…

 @9RHX7WK from Arizona answered…21hrs21H

Yes, only if the student has a good grade standing. GPA’s of 3.5 and higher should absolutely not have to pay for tuitio…

 @9RHTFFD from Georgia answered…22hrs22H

I always felt like the associates degree should be part of standard education. And that includes training programs.

 @9RHR3YG from Colorado answered…23hrs23H

No, but there needs to be regualtion for realistically affordable tuition, and also do heavy reforms for student loans,…