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 @9HJX7M7 from West Virginia answered…4hrs4H

yes but only for people who have proven in previous schooling they are worthy of the tuition and not just make them all...

 @9HJSMQ6 from Maryland answered…14hrs14H

No, but provide lower interest rates on students loans and refuse student loans to anti-Semitic and discriminatory colle...

 @9HJS4ZP from Florida answered…15hrs15H

Yes, but recipients of TAXPAYER tuition should be required to work a year in public service for each year, or portion th...

 @9HJQC8Y from Ohio answered…20hrs20H

As long as universities and colleges do not profit the. The government should offer this for a educated society

 @9HH65R8 answered…23hrs23H

Yes, but only for partial tuition, and it should also pay partial tuition for vocational and non-academic training and a...

 @9HJPDQB answered…23hrs23H

pay for those in need, whose family cant afford and first the high fee and loan problem should be fixed because 50% of w...