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 @9RDNLPM from Connecticut answered…7hrs7H

If any illegal immigrant pays taxes to whatever state they reside in they should be offered in state tuition

 @9RDJYYD from New Jersey answered…8hrs8H

yes if they have lived at their residence as long as other students had to in order to qualify and become a citizen afte…

 @9RDJNX2 from Pennsylvania answered…8hrs8H

If they’ve lived here long enough to apply to American colleges the proper way they should be allowed to get in state tu…

 @9RDG4ZH from Alabama answered…9hrs9H

I do not see the purpose of "in state" versus "out of state" tuition costs. All higher education should be affordable or…

 @9RDFDB9 from New York answered…9hrs9H

It is better to get undocumented immigrants into the public college system so that they can earn degrees and contribute…

 @9RD6W98 from Kansas answered…11hrs11H

Sins of athe parents are not the child's. Perhaps some service to the country would be a good gateway.

 @9RD6PR9 from Illinois answered…11hrs11H

Depends - if an undocumented immigrant is planning to pursue citizenship or work towards being a legal documented migran…