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 @9RJZZQV from Missouri answered…3hrs3H

Increase if we begin to use our military for ethical reasons such as ending genocide and giving aid.

 @9RJZJ6Lfrom Guam  answered…3hrs3H

Slight decrease (if there is now impending world war which I hope I don't jinx but only time will tell.)

 @9RJV8MJ from Wisconsin answered…5hrs5H

Decrease only because we all hear the horror stories of the cost that can be associated with stupid government military…

 @9RJTMG9 from Ohio answered…5hrs5H

I think having high defense spending is a good thing since the US is a superpower, though I wish we’d reallocate more mo…

 @9RJQHMZ from Virginia answered…9hrs9H

Neither, but certain military sectors need to become more efficient through removal of low individual performers

 @9RJNHQ5 from Texas answered…11hrs11H

Decrease, the number of overhead and people in charge, there is too much difference between the top and the bottom

 @9RJHTYQ from California answered…15hrs15H

I think forcing contractors that put their products or service at a ridiculous rates knowing the military will fork over…

 @9RJHGYT from California answered…15hrs15H

If it's needed in order to fund the other issues in the country, then yes. However, if it is decreased too much all at o…

 @9RJG2P5 from Mississippi answered…15hrs15H

In terms of military service member pay I agree. With the defense budget I could see using it on useful things that can…

 @9RJFMXX from Utah answered…15hrs15H

Neither, but have better transparency and audit equipment cost. It shouldn't be more than market rate.

 @9RJ6HVF from Illinois answered…17hrs17H

They need to. Because it is good to have a strong military in a world were conflict in close to happening.

 @9RHS5L6 from California answered…22hrs22H

We should spend less, but SMARTER. The current system of dropping a department's budget if they don't spend it leads to…

 @9RHQX6T from Florida answered…23hrs23H

It should be decreased but used more wisely so the money goes further. We've not chosen good companies to award contract…

 @9RHPJJC from Texas answered…23hrs23H

Our nations military involvement is important on a scale that is much larger than my personal views and because of this,…