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Netanyahu says US and Israel should create ‘Middle East NATO’


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Obama will endorse Harris this week


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Kamala Harris Slams "despicable" Pro-Palestine Protests

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It is very important that anti-genocide protestors do not support Hamas because Hamas kills civilians (?)

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FBI Director Questions Claims of Trump Being Hit by Bullet in Assassination Attempt


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RFK Jr. Wants to Send People on Antidepressants to Government “Wellness Farms”


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Russia projected to lose another 1.8 million troops in Ukraine war


They can afford to lose 20 million people, and are willing to do so, my only thing is... make them have to. Even if you…

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Israel retrieve bodies of five hostages from Gaza


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Tech Donor orders Kamala Harris to fire FTC Chair Lina Khan

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Donor or owner? LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman thinks he owns Kamala Harris. Imagine giving $7 million and then publicly…

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U.S. Economy Grows 2.8% In 2nd Quarter

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Durable Goods Nondefense aircraft and parts new orders negative 127.2%. That's right: negative

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U.S. Intercepts Russian and Chinese Bombers Off Alaska


Weakness invites aggression. Our adversaries know we are weak and divided and are uniting to displace our economic and m…

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Former UK Business Secretary Vince Cable Reflects on Post Office Scandal at Inquiry


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Jill Biden Leads U.S. Delegation to Paris Olympics Amid Global Gathering


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Russia isn’t prosecuting U.S. journalists. It’s taking them hostage.


And the US State Dept. should disallow any US travel to Russia. That’s the only way to prevent hostage taking in Putin’s…

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Election Season Heats Up: Democrats and Republicans Gear Up for Key Races


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Biden's Farewell Speech: A Subtle Battle Cry Against Trump


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Gear Up for the Primaries: Your Guide to Voting in Michigan and Missouri


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Shark Sighting in the Thames Sparks Fear and Fascination


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Decoding the Electoral College and Political Jargon: What You Need to Know This Election Season


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President Biden Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection, Urges for Younger Leadership


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House Republicans Anoint Kamala Harris "Border Czar"


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Trump Rally Gunman's Disturbing Online Searches Revealed by FBI Director


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Political Firestorm: Vance Faces Turmoil as Trump's VP Pick