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@5SHG9ZZRepublicanfrom Michigan  answered…6mos

If you increase minimum wage, raise the already employed the same percentage as you do minimum wage. There is no reason an entry level employee should make the same as a senior employee!

@5T5B633Republicanfrom Virginia  answered…2wks

For fast food workers, absolutely not! But depending on what job, then yes!!! Our Military should have the highest paying jobs and they definitely DO NOT!!!

@9TB8SPJEcological Democratic Party from Virginia answered…15hrs

No, it will only give large corporations an additional advantage to crush competition. Instead give communities the ability to decide for themselves the minimum wage locally, with the minimum being the current wage.

@9TB7XXZConstitution from Mississippi answered…18hrs

It should be voted on by states not the federal government because it would affect the different states in unique ways

@9T9JNWFSocialist from Kentucky answered…2 days

yes but only if the they tax the rich higher price than they due already so it would be balanced higher the wage lower the price people would get along better if the rich where taxed higher it would be easier on everyone else because the economics system has the money it wants and everyone else has the prices they want it be easier to make income

@9T96HF5Independent from Florida answered…3 days

Yes, but the amount should be based off of regions and the cost of living. There shouldn't be a federal minimum wage. What works for one region of the US may not work for another.

@9T8RHG8Women’s Equality from Idaho answered…4 days

The minimum wage should be decided by states depending on cost of living.

@9T8GH3TWomen’s Equality from California answered…4 days

@9MKSCKGGreen from Ohio answered…6mos

@9MKPV8DRepublican from Texas answered…6mos

@9MKN4DZDemocrat from Kentucky answered…6mos

@9MKMNWSRepublican from Mississippi answered…6mos

No because there are some people who make less working in a “higher” ranking business than those at a fast food restaurant. RIDICULOUS

@9MJ7DC8Working Family from Virginia answered…6mos

I believe that the minimum wage needs to be raised because if you are making minimum wage then you probably dont have enough to feed you much less a family its a livable wage but just barley livable.

@9MH9PGMDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…6mos

@9MH5XTKRepublican from Wyoming answered…6mos

Yes just a little though, a lot of kids these days have to pay for something in their family, whether it be phone bill or gas for cars. Most times being payed 7.25 every hour you work is going to be awhile before they save enough money for gas.

@9MH36GCConstitution from Florida answered…6mos

Adjust minimum wage based on inflation. Create a more clear definition of what a minimum wage job is. And increase the salaries of other jobs to counteract inflation, you should earn what you put in.

@9MGWSXMWorking Family from New York answered…6mos

@9MGRKXTRepublican from Colorado answered…6mos

Only if the minimum wage isn't enough now for people to survive.

@9MGKB32Democrat from Massachusetts answered…6mos

Yes, and make it a living wage and adjust to inflation accordingly.

@9MGB3K2Libertarian from New York answered…6mos

No, it should be lowered but then adjusted according to inflation

@9MG83SZDemocrat from Illinois answered…6mos

the federal minimum wage to $10.10 and tying it to an inflation index.

@9MFHVVPLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

minimum wage is too low but $15 an hour is not the answer for every job. wages should be based on the job, then performance and inflation come into affect. $8 an hour, which is over minimum is way too low for high labor jobs

@9MFHLJXLibertarian from New Jersey answered…6mos

There should be no Federal standard. Local and state standards can be up to the voters.

@9MFHH8NTranshumanist from Missouri answered…6mos

Yes, especially with everything that is going on right now in the U.S

@9MFBZCLWorking Family from Virginia answered…6mos

No, because then the companies would just sell stuff a lot higher price and that would also be a waste of money to print out cause that would add up to a lot more.

@9MF4H95Veteran from Arkansas answered…6mos

@9MDZJ5GPeace and Freedom from Kentucky answered…6mos

@9MDWP35Women’s Equality from North Dakota answered…6mos

The minimum wage should be based on each state. Each state should have its own minimum wage based upon the population and the economics of the state. Don't cheat our residents but at the same time make it reasonable.

@9MDPSQBWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…6mos

Yes, the rich will not use all of their money in their life time, they can always make more.

@9MCX3LCLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Yes, but also look at all wages and require companies to adjust accordingly.

@9MCW9KCSocialist from Arizona answered…6mos

Yes only if there was a way to prevent a raise in the cost of living and other essential services

@9MCG4BLDemocrat from Illinois answered…6mos

Minimum wage is problematic. Should be federally raised but with a lot of consideration

@9MC8FYPGreen from Kansas answered…6mos

Yes, lessen the wage gap. CEOs should make less and all workers should be paid more.

@9MC5XWNConstitution from Utah answered…6mos

Minimum wage should be established by State governments and account for local cost of living

@9MBVKT3Libertarian from Nebraska answered…6mos

Create a full time minimum wage so that people who work full time at a job can earn more than the part time minimum wage.

@9MBVB5KIndependent from Arizona answered…6mos

@9M7QKL8Republican from Louisiana answered…6mos

People work hard for their money so I think it should be raised but only to living extent.

@9MBLPSNWomen’s Equality from New York answered…6mos

Minimum wage standards should be adjusted by industry or type of work.

@9MBJLSQWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…6mos

increasing the wage will maybe make less money than before example waiter the company will have to take a cut of the tips for the wage

@9MBHT3MIndependent from Alabama answered…6mos

@9M657FZSocialist from Wisconsin answered…6mos

@9MB9GPJTranshumanist from California answered…6mos

If they increase minimum wage, all other wages should increase especially those working in social services like teachers, state social workers, and even law enforcement.

@cowden12Libertarian from Georgia answered…6mos

No, let the states determine the minimum wage for each state


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