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@5VDT8KDLibertarianfrom Kansas  answered…12mos

An open border policy would allow worker's to enjoy the right to come work in the US without fear of breaking any immigration laws. This would take away the need for any amnesty.

@5R5JCNBRepublicanfrom California  answered…12mos

How about we make a simpler worker visa program. Violate and you can never apply again

@migval2000Libertarianfrom Texas  answered…12mos

Yes, but include stay at home moms also? They key word is "temporary" amnesty. To those opposed of amnesty, we already have it (Cubans touch US soil and can stay) If we implement amnesty and illegals don't behave under outlined regulations, they will get deported. 90% of illegals don't want handouts. How many illegals do you see on the corner asking for change? (I have never seen one) Now how many do you see asking for work? (Lots) They want to work, to better themselves and their families!

@6NYSQRYDemocratfrom Connecticut  answered…12mos

Why should someone who broke our law be given amnesty. Does that mean I can break a US law and not be penalized? They should be deported and then apply to come back legally. If a child of illegal immigrants is born in the US, that child should be considered an illegal as well. Giving illegals amnesty is unfair to all the people who are waiting to enter legally.

@6LJV9T3Republicanfrom Illinois  answered…12mos

Yes, create a simple path to citizenship for immigrants with no criminal record and they pay back taxes or a fee.

@5SLGN3GDemocratfrom Maryland  answered…12mos

oh we are so hung up on "illegals" - sounds like the "N" word in consonants - code word for
bigots and racists. Anyone remember how the Chinese were treated in 19th century?
Or Irish. This is a dang small planet - get over this us vs. them disease.

@5RSV8CSRepublicanfrom Illinois  answered…12mos

The reason FDR, HST and DDE deported illegal immigrants (and their kids) was that Americans were looking for work. Americans don't need to be competing with illegal immigrants for their jobs.

@5V2J98KDemocratfrom Illinois  answered…12mos

Prosecute those hiring them and abusing them, if employers had to adhere to employment laws the rest would cease to be an issue. Stop punishing the victim.

@5SQZC6BGreenfrom Louisiana  answered…12mos

Put employers that use and abuse immigrants in prison, and let hard working immigrants live in peace. Stop referring to them as illegals!

@5R46MTNConstitutionfrom Nebraska  answered…12mos

yes but tax at 50% until they enroll in and complete citizenship

@5SBJMQSRepublicanfrom Maryland  answered…12mos

Since the 1980's we have had laws that required employers to obtain a W-9 form verifying the legal status of their employees - clearly, like gun laws, nothing is enforced, so we should just make more laws. These people should pay the price for their deception. We are taking poor care of our natural citizens, locking them away for absurdly small crimes all for the conviction rates of prosecutors, for the arrest rates of police and yet - we will take a person who knowingly broke the law, continues to break it every day and has taken an employment opportunity and probably some charitable dollars that could have gone to a US citizen and now because they were working illegally, we should give them a chance. NOPE, go back to the end of the line and start over.

@5TW5BK4Constitutionfrom California  answered…12mos

I would like to see a program similar to the bracero program where they are allowed to work as long as they pay taxes and if there is no work they will return to their home country.

@jdodgeLibertarianfrom Louisiana  answered…12mos

No amnesty, but allow them to stay as long as they are paying taxes and show proof of employment

@5W45463Republicanfrom West Virginia  answered…12mos

Yes, create a simple path to citizenship for immigrants with no criminal record, fine companies that employ illegal immigrants. If you are a violent offender and illegal, you should be dropped in shark infested waters told to swim back where they came from.

@67XLN57Democratfrom Florida  answered…12mos

NO amnesty!! If they are illegal send them back & fine the companies that employ them. Once they are back in their own country, they can apply for a work visa and return legally!

@5SWCSSYRepublicanfrom Maryland  answered…12mos

@5RTDQNFRepublicanfrom New Mexico  answered…12mos

If they are working and have no criminal record they should be required to pass US citizenship requirements and must speak English and support American traditions, not insist on flaunting their former country's traditions. Those should be minimal and only within their homes or communities on special occasions.

@5R5HPH7Greenfrom Tennessee  answered…12mos

@5RL876CRepublicanfrom Missouri  answered…12mos

Yes, allow residency (not citizenship) after a tax and an annual fee for non-criminals (barring immigration offenses) until they go through the legal process- if they can prove that they were employed and did not conspire to obtain taxpayer money/ benefits (food stamps, subsidized housing) save ones that they had no control over (subsidized water, public transportation).

@5XM9FTNConstitutionfrom Virginia  answered…12mos

Secure the border then give blanket immunity to all illegal immigrants and make them legal without voting privileges.

@5TPYFVNConstitutionfrom South Carolina  answered…12mos

I would like to say no but Americans are so spoiled by the US Gov. that they are too lazy to work. We may not have fruits and veggies in our groceries if we did not employ them.

@9XHQK86Republican from Texas answered…7 days

Yes and grant amnesty to every illegal immigrants that pay taxes currently in the us

@9X9WJL2Republicanfrom Vermont  answered…2wks

No, all illegal immigrants should be deported and fine companies that employ illegal alien

@9X8CXPBSocialist from Minnesota answered…2wks

Yes, and create a simple, rapid path to citizenship for them.

@9WMVSVWVeteran from Utah answered…1mo

No, but provide a consequence that would allow a possible solution like fines, community service, and or military service and allow a path to citizenship

@9WMHLH6Women’s Equalityfrom Pennsylvania  answered…1mo

Yes, create a simple path to citizenship for immigrants with no criminal record, as well as being required to work if in good health and pay taxes

@9WGQJMWLibertarian from Texas answered…1mo

No, but I'm ok with a temporary work visa that lasts no more than 3 months of they already have work.

@9W6MKB8Veteran from Florida answered…2mos

Yes, but only if they pay taxes and allow them to stay and if they have no criminal record for at least five years then we should create a simple path to citizenship for them.

@9H42VMHWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, if they are good and honest people who plan on becoming good citizens. No gang bangers or drug dealers

@9H3NP7FVeteran from Oregon answered…1yr

They should be able to work and try to become legal, if they don't, then deport them.

@9GZLKSSDemocrat from Texas answered…1yr

yes, but only if they pay taxes and also create a simpler path for obtaining citizenship

@9G9ZR6FDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…1yr

We should manage this - if working, paying taxes & contributing to society we should create mechanism to make them legal to be in US

@9FXVJGCLibertarian from Oklahoma answered…1yr

Yes, however, companies knowingly employing illegal immigrants should be fined at the states choosing. If the immigrants do not gain citizenship within a certain period of time, they should be deported.

@9FLVSDJDemocrat from Georgia answered…1yr

YES as long as they dont have recent major criminal records such as selling drugs and killing and rapist

@9FKY62WConstitution from Kansas answered…1yr

@9FKPZB6Democrat from Virginia answered…1yr

Yes, if they pay taxes and to provide a path to citizenship for immigrants with no criminal record

@9FGTH88Libertarian from Colorado answered…1yr

There is nothing about immigration in the Constitution. Therefore, it is state power not a federal one.

@9FBSCTLDemocrat from Virginia answered…1yr

Yes, if they pay taxes and have no felonies on record. Create a simple path to citizenship for people who pay taxes and have no felonies.

@9F849T4Republican from Virginia answered…1yr

Yes - with a $5,000 fine military or public service for 2 years

@9W6KTFSAmerican from Minnesota answered…2mos

As long as taxes are paid, not criminal record, and they are in the process of legally being able to

@9VXNN25Constitution from Indiana answered…2mos

No, deport them and fine and prosecute the people who have hired them.

@9VF8JT7Veteran from Alabama answered…4mos

1) Create a simple path to citizenship for immigrants with no criminal record. 2) Expand the role of ICE to assist in legal citizenship

@PerkiLlamaWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…5mos

@9TXWVRTDemocrat from Illinois answered…5mos


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