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 @9F7R4MM from New Jersey agreed…1wk1W

If you are illegal, you shouldn't get rights in the U.S. , If you are legal you be able to get things that other Americans do. Not for free.

 @9F8FN82 from Colorado agreed…1wk1W

The US is already struggling financially. Holding the Federal Government financially responsible for non-American citizens would only further this struggle and make life harder for tax paying Americans.

 @9F7WFTG  from Florida agreed…1wk1W

When our country was in dire need of baby formula there were warehouses full of baby products specifically set for illegal immigrants. So, as our own future generations died without the ability to get help, unknown outsiders got helped. Instead of keeping ourselves strong and able to help, we gave our own meals up to others. We did not stand for the British to take our food right out of our hands, why should we allow that now?

 @9F98X3CSocialist from Pennsylvania disagreed…1wk1W

Maybe the real question to ask is why was there a shortage on baby formula. If something is able to be profited off of, companies will do it. Plus, the British were an opposing group that had power over us, and immigrants do not have power over us--they are disadvantaged. You are angry at a group of people for taking $1 from you when you have $10 and not at the man who is hoarding $100000.

 @9F9825SPeace and Freedomdisagreed…1wk1W

The people who have immigrated here were not the ones who took the food from you. Get to the source of the shortage and solve that before you actually take food from other children's mouths.

 @9F8WFTHfrom Maine disagreed…1wk1W

You can’t choose where you were born, and everyone should have a fair chance to live, immigration healthcare should only allowed if the the persons being treated agrees to repay in whatever form after a successful treatment.

 @9F7Y426 from Texas agreed…1wk1W

If they pass this, the people who live in this country,who pay the taxes for this country, will be paying MUCH more money in taxes just for these people to have health care, why should we be paying for someone we don't even know?


they should get equal healthcare because they are the backbone of are economy (doing jobs that white think they are to good to do)


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