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@5SVDLJCRepublicanfrom California  answered…6mos

Too much emphasis is placed on current medicine! "Modern " medicine is still not very good!

Many Americans get too caught up in medicine when IN FACT health is easily maintained, for example eat natural healthy foods, exercise, and have a good Attitude, etc.

@5TM6CZNDemocratfrom New York  answered…6mos

Adopt Canadian or European healthcare system. Pharmaceutical companies own the USA.

@9T9TKTMVeteran from Kentucky answered…2 days

@9T9CL9YSocialist from Florida answered…3 days

@Matthew-QuillenGreen from North Carolina answered…6mos

@9N6X3MXWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…6mos

everyone citizen of the U.S should have affordable healthcare

@9N6Q6HSWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…6mos

Everyone has a right to healthcare but you should not be forced to purchase Obamacare

@9N5TKYYLibertarian from Texas answered…6mos

No, open the markets so insurers can compete across state lines and reduce costs. Regulate the insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and medical faculties, not the consumers!

@9N55VLTPeace and Freedom from New York answered…6mos

@9MZY6QYDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

@9MZLHK4Veteran from New Hampshire answered…6mos

No, not in its current condition. Many things need to be changed and rethought

@9MZD2D9Veteran from California answered…6mos

I have heard that this healthcare was bad and didn’t succeed. So I have no idea what to say to this

@9MYN3J4Transhumanist from Louisiana answered…6mos

I am not knowledgeable enough to form an opinionated statement.

@9MXLMFRAmerican Solidarity from Missouri answered…6mos

@9MWGKJ8Libertarian from Idaho answered…6mos

If you have a country dependent on an open economy it ultimately hurts people.

@9MVWDFBPeace and Freedom from New York answered…6mos

Healthcare should be free to all people in the United States

@9MVVZ55Libertarian from Michigan answered…6mos

No but there should never be a take away of protections for pre existing conditions

@9MVJ8BKTranshumanist from California answered…6mos

I don't have enough knowledge about this to really have an opinion.

@9MLL6JSLibertarianfrom Guam  answered…6mos

@9MK4MZDDemocrat from California answered…6mos

There should be free healthcare like in other countries, not reduced fee healthcare.

@9MK46HKWorking Family from Virginia answered…6mos

@9MK257JRepublican from Illinois answered…6mos

I support the Trump Administration's idea of repealing and replacing Obamacare.

@9MH7W65Democrat from Georgia answered…6mos

Yes, i support it but when people sign up for it i don't think you should reject them. My mother was rejected.

@9MH623BWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…6mos

@9MH36GCConstitution from Florida answered…6mos

@9MGXV3XWomen’s Equality from Alabama answered…6mos

Yes but for low income households there needs to be a program for them

@9MGPL3LRepublican from South Carolina answered…6mos

No, There should be limits to what private companies can charge

@9MGP5QSRepublican from New York answered…6mos

@9MFJP8DConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

@9MDG8LFDemocrat from Virginia answered…6mos

I don't really know what that is...I was never told/taught about it

@9MBWGRSWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

@9MBVG3QWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…6mos

i think lower healthcare is good but not if it raises taxes and messes up the econemey

@9M7RMKXWorking Family from Colorado answered…6mos

@9M6WPBBWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

People who chose to have it should have it but shouldn’t have to pay so much for it. The price should be decreased.


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