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@9XBKZZFPeace and Freedom from Idaho answered…4 days

@9XJNFGRWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…5 days

Decrease, until we reduce our national budget deficit and our poverty rate

@9XCC6XCRepublican from Florida answered…2wks

Increase, according to US foreign policy needs and guidelines.

@9X8SZ5PVeteran from Montana answered…2wks

We are in a huge amount of debt, I think we need to be smarter with our money and not give it away unless we deem necessary.

@9X7LVKZGreenfrom California  answered…2wks

@9X7GQGJProgressive from South Carolina answered…2wks

Increase or keep the same for countries that need it, but eliminate it for those who are fighting against us

@9X323MDPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…3wks

I am satisfied with the current amount, but we should not help nations that support terrorism.

@9WWCWHCPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…4wks

@9VZMX7CConstitution from New Jersey answered…2mos


@9WHZFLDDemocrat from Alabama answered…1mo

Regardless, we should avoid giving aid to countries with human rights violations.

@9W9ZBPQWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…1mo

Decrease, give them the specific resources and intelligence needed to improve their own quality of living instead.

@sgtsalt98Socialist from Kansas answered…2mos

Cease spending for imperialist causes, increase spending done in good faith

@angel.uGreen from Maryland answered…2mos

Increase, but with no strings attached, just purely humanitarian

@9KBKNPCGreen from California answered…12mos

@9HXKB25Green from Colorado answered…1yr

We should do more research on where the money is being used

@9HSX7STGreen from Virginia answered…1yr

@9HSFXFGWomen’s Equality from Iowa answered…1yr

This would depend entirely on need and is too complex to answer with these answers

@9HPTQ9BWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1yr

@Angelina-DuranWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1yr

Decrease and redirecting the money to counties that don’t violate human rights

@9H4X266Communist from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Nations that are developing their infrastructure or recovering from disaster should receive however much aid they need to achieve either. Established industrial nations that are not the victims of disaster have no need of our aid and it should not be extended to them.

@9H4VFQ3Conservativefrom Oregon  answered…1yr

Increase foreign aid and loans to countries which we can secure alliances and partnerships out of (Enlightened Self Interest)

@9H3GP44Green from Minnesota answered…1yr

Decrease, until our own issues are solved - poverty, inner city crime, homelessness. Take care of our own problems then help others

@9H3G69JDemocrat from Ohio answered…1yr

@9H2S96XSocialist from Texas answered…1yr

We should stop aiding countries that violate human rights and or terrorize other nations

@9H2M7B2Progressive from Illinois answered…1yr

@9H2D6LVWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…1yr

I feel that I do not know enough about this topic to contribute an answer.

@9H2CZ45Veteran from Kansas answered…1yr

Increase, but attach conditions to ensure the aid goes to the right recipients and/or causes

@9GTHVCFSocialist from South Carolina answered…1yr

I believe we need to take a good hard look at who were aiding and realize we shouldn't(Israel) and increase our funding to those who need it(Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Etc)

@9GQR77GPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…1yr

@9GPV5C9Libertarian from Arizona answered…1yr

@9GNB4DYVeteran from Nebraska answered…1yr

Decrease, and we should not give foreign aid to any countries for the next 50 years.

@9GL2ZJ9Green from Georgia answered…1yr

Decrease to countries that have no human rights violations.

@9GGZLWJDemocrat from New York answered…1yr

@9GDMGTTVeteran from Alabama answered…1yr

Decrease until we drastically reduce our national debt, and deny aid to countries that harbor or promote terrorism and violate human rights

@Autumn-GrantTranshumanist from Michigan answered…1yr

Increase, but only for countries that do not harbor or promote terrorism and that have no human rights violations

@Joe-MadayIndependent from Washington answered…1yr

Maintain current spending, and only if they meet certain Human Rights Criteria.

@9G4RNR3Women’s Equality from Colorado answered…1yr

We have to first invest in ourselves, but we can then spread aid where it’s needed. It shouldn’t however be based upon furthering our power, but actually based on need.

@9G4NJKBSocialist from New York answered…1yr

Only do it for countries that don't consistently violate human rights.

@9G3PJXZWorking Family from Washington answered…1yr

@9FYVLSKSocialist from Texas answered…1yr

Increase as long as it's only for true humanitarian needs and not warmongering.

@9FX87MRGreen from Tennessee answered…1yr

Increase our investment into developing economies like China is doing

@9FLQMYZWomen’s Equality from California answered…1yr

Depends on the situation, if they need it we must help depending on how severe the issue is.


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