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@6LRTGGFSocialistfrom Arkansas  answered…6mos

The problem is that the cost of colleges has increased so dramatically compared to average income. Regulations should be put in place to bring these closer together. I also think that providing money for early childhood education, arts programs in schools, and after school programs would better benefit society than putting that money towards paying for people to go to college.

@9TB5N27Independent from Pennsylvania answered…23hrs

overhaul the current education model, make it easier for parent's to send their kids to the school over their choosing, and change the yearly curriculums to match reality.

@9T9QHRNPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…2 days

No, but I think we should have taxes based off of income and that student loans should go down. Community college should go toward being free.

@9T9CT77Working Family from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

@9T8ZY8CVeteran from Washington D.C. answered…3 days

@9SVWJ2QIndependent from Michigan answered…3wks

Yes and no because some people work really hard where they are at and they do have to much money.

@9MFK4P9Working Family from Illinois answered…6mos

@9LD5QW3Transhumanist from Texas answered…6mos

@9LCHPFVWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…6mos

Yes, college costs should be significantly reduced with the funding coming from a reform of how our taxes are distributed including an increase of taxes on income salary of $400,000+

@9LC72XDDemocrat from Illinois answered…6mos

No make a flat tax. This would provide the money to decrease the costs of education.

@9L97983Democrat from Virginia answered…6mos

Yes, raise the taxes but not necessarily connected to student loans.

@9L96QYCWomen’s Equality from California answered…6mos

yes, and increase government funding for lower tuition rates

@9L66XYBVeteran from New York answered…6mos

Yes, but they should not raise it in a really significant way

@9KXQZR4Socialist from Colorado answered…6mos

Tuition needs to be reduced, not free. Interest rates are not the issue. $25k/year for in-state tuition is.

@9KXKGLBRepublican from Missouri answered…6mos

NO. College is a privilege first off, second colleges have become institutions of indoctrination, free speech isn't tolerated unless its of a liberal nature. The question is founded from a Marxist ideology and really has no place in a free society that wants to thrive.

@9KXGDMFWomen’s Equality from Kansas answered…6mos

yes and no because i think everyoen should have to pay the same amount. but, they have alot of money so im in between.

@9KXG35PRepublican from Indiana answered…6mos

@9KWYLWJAmerican from New York answered…6mos

I say yes only a little bit because they did work hard for that money, but then i say no because if they actually cared, then they would donate some money to help students.

@9KWQZG4Working Family from North Carolina answered…6mos

I think the taxes of the rich should be slightly increased as oppose to non-wealthy people because the rich earned that by working hard and would be unfair to take a huge amount of money away from them.

@9KW7L84Women’s Equality from Kansas answered…6mos

"The rich" is too big of an umbrella to me, but I would strongly advise that monopolies or dominate businesses in their respective field should be taxed beyond belief (Google, Amazon, Disney, etc.).

@9KVXS3LDemocrat from Oregon answered…6mos

Yes, but also hold colleges partially accountable for the debt of their students.

@9KVNHMBDemocrat from Illinois answered…6mos

College is unaffordable and shouldn’t require non rich students take out life changing debt to complete.

@9KV7SJPTranshumanist from Texas answered…6mos

Increase taxes for the rich, but not to decrease student loan debt or rates

@9KTVC38Green from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Yes, and create an initial one-time proportional wealth tax to create scholarships

@9KTLNJ4Socialist from California answered…6mos

Yes, and increase government funding so qualified student receives a free college education

@9KTG6CXConstitution from Colorado answered…6mos

No, but public colleges and universities should be made drastically more affordable.

@9KT78FYDemocrat from New Jersey answered…6mos

I support increasing taxes on the rich in general. I don't think it's necessary to reduce interest rates on student loans from the revenue.

@9KSXCXBRepublican from Colorado answered…6mos

@9KSRMN3Women’s Equality from Montana answered…6mos

Yes but the taxes shouldn’t be raised on the rich just for student loans. Other issues are more important

@9KR7FTRPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…6mos

no, because we're in a ruff time so I think taxes should be down

@9KR64JMIndependent from Washington answered…6mos

Yes, but if they are giving a certain amount of money to charities, then no

@9KQGV48Republican from Indiana answered…6mos

I do not know enough information on this topic to have an opinion.

@9KQ4JV9Women’s Equality from North Dakota answered…6mos

i think they should have programs where people can donate to help students in debt but only students in debt or sruggling with money

@9KQ2WW2Transhumanist from Illinois answered…6mos

No, but lower interest rates and regulate the cost of tuition and payout to board members

@9KPY55PDemocrat from Maryland answered…6mos

All income household should be able have low interest government loans

@9KPRKTVWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…6mos

I think the rich already get tax breaks enough the least they can do is make college cheaper, but what is even more important is making k-12 have free lunches and make it cheaper for parents.

@9KPMC6DIndependent from North Dakota answered…6mos

No, I feel that taxes shouldn't be raised too high for the rich because they have the right to the money they earned. I do feel like college is overpriced. Lets get rid of general courses instead.

@9KPL5BBDemocrat from North Dakota answered…6mos

@9KPKD4JRepublican from Connecticut answered…6mos

we should increase taxes for there rich and reduce interest rates for student loans, but the two have no correlation what so ever

@9KPHHTLTranshumanist from Wisconsin answered…6mos

Yes, and reduce the cost for college tuition and reduce the interest rates for student loans. No free education, just an affordable one.


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