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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

Hurt, I support some private unions but am strongly against public unions

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

Help, in theory but have recently become corrupt and should have their powers limited

@95DFSVNfrom North Carolina  answered…2mos

Help,but only if their viewpoint comes from a nationalistic standpoint.

@mathomas156Libertarian from Virginia answered…3 days

@97YBR4Pfrom Guam  answered…4 days

Help, and we should strive to encourage workers owning the means of production

@97XK93Kfrom Virgin Islands  answered…6 days

Help, and it should be a crime for dismantle or try to prevent them.

@97XGBM2 from New York answered…6 days

@97XB74FSocialistfrom Virgin Islands  answered…7 days

Help, and increase union membership, empower union rank-and-file while investigating and limiting the powers of union leaders and bureaucrats.

@97V5KVFSocialist from Arkansas answered…1wk

Labor Unions will affect the economy in same way, but I believe that's an effect of the workers not being treated correctly, and it's a consequence of the company

@97TGKZTProgressive from Maryland answered…1wk

Hurt, but their role in creating a more equal and democratic society is still worth their existance

@97SCYSMfrom Guam  answered…2wks

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@97QBMTWLibertarian from New York answered…2wks

Unions don’t work anymore. There are too many loopholes and companies will do what they want.

@97Q8HSV from California answered…2wks

If the cost of living wasn’t so high in some parts of the nation the labor unions wouldn’t be fighting to increase wages so drastically which makes the cost of construction insanely high

@97PX95B from Virginia answered…2wks

Regardless, they help give workers a voice against unjust practices by their employers.

@97NN723 from Minnesota answered…2wks

they don't all hurt unions in more rural areas are unnecessary and hurt although some unions are good

@97NHF4Q from Maryland answered…2wks

I support labor unions regardless because I value workers as people.

@97NGHJ9Republican from Mississippi answered…2wks

@97MLBV6 from California answered…2wks

Hurt, but are a right to workers that should be respected regardless of their impact on the economy.

@97MLC9C from Montana answered…2wks

@97MK7SGIndependent from Louisiana answered…2wks

it helps and hurts because sometimes things will workout in the end for some but it can hurt when people start to gather together and start fights which can cause many problems like in the past.

@97LJ82C from Tennessee answered…2wks

Hurt, lobbying should be banned. Unions stunt the workforce by adding red-tape.

@97LD4YG from Georgia answered…3wks

I support unions but not those that actively restrict those outside the unit from working in a field

@97L6DD3Democrat from Oklahoma answered…3wks

Help while they improve working conditions, but hurt when they interfere with removing bad elements

@97KMHH5 from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

@97JSDMG from California answered…3wks

@97JGH9V from Michigan answered…3wks

I feel they do both because they supply things for us bot there bad

@Northman49 from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

I think unions were necessary at one time, but now they are primarily political organizations. People should not be forced to join a union, and unions should not be allowed to make political donations or lobby.

@97GN8KH from Washington answered…3wks

Labor unions do not help or hurt the economy as a whole, this can only be determined per organized workplace on a case-by-case basis

@97GB828 from Iowa answered…3wks

Help, but only because the government refuses to regulate private business.

@97F5B7XDemocrat from Ohio answered…3wks

Hurt, but I believe that they are a necessity in order to ensure workers' rights.

@97FX2GK from California answered…3wks

There's no universal correct answer. Unions can be an effective tool against labor market monopsony, but they are fundamentally imperfect and have the potential to themselves become monopolies.

@97DMYJV from Georgia answered…3wks

Hurt, but the decrease in economic strength is offset by the increase in employee bargaining power.

@97CPHZSJustice party memberfrom Guam  answered…3wks

Help and hurt depending on the scenario , industry, demands etc it should be about humanity and basic rights

@97CMHCV from Illinois answered…3wks

@97C686K from Illinois answered…3wks

@97C4Z5X from Virginia answered…3wks

Regardless, they help workers give a voice against unjust practices by their bosses.


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