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 @8Y7RGRJ from Indiana commented…2yrs2Y

Ron desantis is the best potential candidate to be president

 @98GJMZZIndependent from Ohio commented…9mos9MO

I believe that when he runs he would be the best president since George Washington and would be the George Washington of the modern day . No joke a 1000 times better than trump

 @98MT3V6Libertarian from Virginia commented…9mos9MO

i wouldn’t go so far, but he might be the best since Reagan

 @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…2wks2W

Raegan left us with severe issues later on, and Ron DeSantis is extremely far right, more than trump has ever been. He accepted personal payments from real estate moguls, his “war on woke” is just embarrassing to the USA, and his policy is far from being even remotely good.

 @97YH5R8 from Texas commented…10mos10MO

Desantis 2024!!! 🇺🇸 ♥️ 💙 🤍✅

 @98GJMZZIndependent from Ohio commented…9mos9MO

That's funny that you support him in 2024 because I am a 93% match with him and only 63% match with you b*******

 @98GJMZZIndependent from Ohio commented…9mos9MO

I am so sorry that was supposed to be a but hey My voice type thought I said butthead

 @98G82JD from Ohio commented…9mos9MO

I think one of his best qualities is His leadership education And humility. He is not this Person pretending to be something he is not, he is real , has a youthful personality And Has a push for term limits and is against politicians With long political careers . If you can imagine I am a mix between Ron and Bob Iger

 @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…2wks2W

But his policy and beliefs are exactly what sink any and all chances of him being in office for me, and I pray that he never reaches the White House. His stances on trans rights are disgusting, he’d set up a federal abortion ban and limit queer rights to the best of his ability. This alone should’ve been enough, but then he takes personal payments from real estate moguls, one of them even gave him an indoor golf simulator. He’s corrupt, extremely far right, and shows a lot of fascistic traits. Don’t even get me started on his war on “woke”, he’s just not fit for office, and him being president would be even worse than trump.

 @Un1onJoshRepublicanfrom New York disagreed…2wks2W

I can understand where you're coming from, but it's also important to note that DeSantis's policies reflect the views of a significant portion of the population. For instance, his stance on limiting the duration of political careers and pushing for term limits is a way to prevent the accumulation of power and the potential for corruption, which many Americans agree with. In terms of his alleged acceptance of personal payments, it's crucial to remember that accusations should be substantiated by concrete proof. While it's clear that your political views differ from DeSantis's, it's also essential to have a balanced perspective and consider the viewpoints of others who may not share the same opinions. What do you think can be done to bridge the divide between differing political ideologies in America?

 @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…2wks2W

Many politicians have mildly agreeable sides, if I was looking for a Republican I was capable of working with for at least a little bit, I would’ve chosen Nikki Haley. He himself has questionable practices, and has fired several members of his cabinet before. During the Primary Debate, he acted like a coward, waiting for a moment to pander to the masses. For example, during the debate the candidates were asked to raise their hands if they would support trump even if he was convicted. He rose his hand near the end because he was visibly unsure if his party would be okay with that. In terms of…  Read more

 @9D55LH8 from Pennsylvania commented…2mos2MO

I am for Ron in 2024. I am waiting for the first debate to hear him in action. But Ron can not support Trump if he wants to be President! He needs to convince the rest of America he is our man!

 @EnlightenedPe0plesParty from Michigan agreed…2mos2MO

 @9C66D7PConstitution from Ohio commented…4mos4MO

What would you guys think of a desantis Scott ticket?

I like Tim Scott And I think we're both of them together. It could be the best administration sense. Reagan or even before that?

 @99XN7T4 from New York commented…6mos6MO

DeSantis and pompeio. Are my top 2 pics His book is amazing if you haven't read it already I would strongly. Encourage you to one of the 1st things you does is mention The Bible Some may say that's a problem but we need a Christian leading America.

 @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…2wks2W

80% of our Congress is Christian, and Joe Biden is Christian. We’ve had Christian leaders for centuries.

 @CulturedN0minati0nSocialistfrom Maine disagreed…2wks2W

You're correct that a significant percentage of Congress identifies as Christian, as does President Biden. However, it's worth noting that leadership isn't solely defined by religious beliefs, but by actions, values, and the ability to unite and lead a diverse population. For example, look at President Lincoln, he led America through one of its toughest times, the Civil War, and he wasn't overtly religious. What are your thoughts on the importance of diverse leadership, not solely based on religion?

 @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…2wks2W

I agree, their religion doesn’t determine most of their values, but it has an overarching effect on some of it. Most leaders in Congress are Christians, and as such inflict a bias for Christian denominations and organizations. The person I responded to seemed to complain about the lack of Christian leadership despite many of our past leaders being overwhelmingly Christian. Personally, my thoughts are that we should try and just make it easier for non-Christian’s to get a chance, not by the same methods as affirmative action, but by campaigning such ideals as a society. I’d more specifically be interested in having an atheist president if we haven’t had one already, I wonder what changes they’d have in comparison to the average president.

 @9FRR4LQ from New Jersey commented…21hrs21H

I was already somewhat skeptical of Ron as he was always quite a milquetoast candidate, but after he passed those hate speech laws he is irredeemable to me.

 @988PL7B from West Virginia commented…10mos10MO

After getting to know DeSantis views I think he would be a great candidate for president.

 @983K76N from Pennsylvania commented…10mos10MO

I respect people's positive opinions on DeSantis, but personally I don't feel like he reflects my views as much as other, more moderate candidates would.


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