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@8Y7RGRJ from Indiana commented…1yr

Ron desantis is the best potential candidate to be president

@98GJMZZIndependent  from Ohio commented…1mo

I believe that when he runs he would be the best president since George Washington and would be the George Washington of the modern day . No joke a 1000 times better than trump

@98MT3V6Libertarian from Virginia commented…3wks

@98G82JD from Ohio commented…1mo

I think one of his best qualities is His leadership education And humility. He is not this Person pretending to be something he is not, he is real , has a youthful personality And Has a push for term limits and is against politicians With long political careers . If you can imagine I am a mix between Ron and Bob Iger

@989FK2X  from Texas commented…2mos

I respect the admiration conservatives have for Ron DeSantis running for president. Hes youthful, educated, resembles previous presidential candidates, has conservative values. But he does not align with my beliefs. Yes, I am a moderate democrat but there are more reasons I oppose Ron DeSantis other than him being on the other side of the political spectrum. There are flaws about him. Some believe that he would lead the republican party in a new direction, but he still holds the same values trump did. He also overextends his religious values in his policies as governor. There is nothing wrong…  Read more

 @Joseph-CreedDemocrat  from Pennsylvania commented…2mos

I agree, as I am a Centrist democrat and I kinda want to 'move on' from Trumpism and get something new.

@988PL7B from West Virginia commented…2mos

After getting to know DeSantis views I think he would be a great candidate for president.

@983K76N  from Pennsylvania commented…2mos

I respect people's positive opinions on DeSantis, but personally I don't feel like he reflects my views as much as other, more moderate candidates would.

@97YH5R8 from Texas commented…2mos

Desantis 2024!!! 🇺🇸 ♥️ 💙 🤍✅

@98GJMZZIndependent from Ohio commented…1mo

That's funny that you support him in 2024 because I am a 93% match with him and only 63% match with you b*******

@98GJMZZIndependent  from Ohio commented…1mo

I am so sorry that was supposed to be a but hey My voice type thought I said butthead


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