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 @G3rrym4nderJerryDemocrat from Texas commented…2wks2W

Where has it slipped? Staten Island? Long Island? Where all those Trump voters are? Stop lying

 @IndependenceBennyDemocratfrom Massachusetts commented…2wks2W

Chuck Schumer needs to get Biden out now! Losing NY is a disaster for Dems.

 @PepperFrankDemocrat from Illinois commented…2wks2W

This is silly. Apparently every Dem operative in the country can come forward with whatever ridiculous fear they have at the moment and know they can get it aired.

 @MellowBobolinkRepublican from California commented…2wks2W

“Democrats are worried the president is taking New York for granted as the state becomes surprisingly competitive.”

It’s all about crime.


What role do you believe personal feelings towards a candidate should play in elections, especially in swing states?


If you lived in a state that unexpectedly became a swing state, how would it change your perspective or engagement in the political process?


How important do you think it is for a candidate to invest time and resources in states they traditionally win by large margins?


What does it say about a political party's leadership when traditionally secure states start to become competitive in elections?


How would you feel if your typically one-party dominated state suddenly became a battleground state in elections?


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