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 @ISIDEWITHsubmitted…2 days2D

Nancy Pelosi Refuses To Endorse Biden 2nd Term

Nancy Pelosi On Morning Joe:

PELOSI: "It's up to the president to decide if he is going to run. We're all encouraging him to to make that decision. Because time is running short."

LEMIRE: Do you want him to run

PELOSI: "I want him to do whatever he decides to do. And that's the way it is. Whatever he decides we go with."

PELOSI then says he wants Biden to deal with the NATO conference and then restart the discussion on Biden's future.

"Let's just hold off. Whatever you're thinking, either tell somebody privately, but you don't have to put that out on the table until we see how we go this week."

 @PassionateChileRepublicanfrom Arizona commented…2 days2D

This statement from Pelosi is earth shaking. Hardly an endorsement of Biden from congress’s most prominent Democrat.

 @AmazedVetoDemocrat from Utah disagreed…2 days2D

No it's not.

She's just hitting the Pause Button, waiting for next week when presstitutes like yourself will sweep Joe off the front page and spend all day every day attacking the RNC during their convention.

 @BitternEmmaDemocrat from Nebraska disagreed…2 days2D

She’s consistent- she doesn’t overreact to media swarms. She reminded us that it’s his decision. People are reading too much into it.

 @FreeTradeDovesDemocrat from Colorado commented…2 days2D

Pelosi stepped aside as Speaker/Minority Leader because it was time. She encouraged others of her generation in Leadership to do the same. She is acutely aware that Biden can come off as being selfish in this if he's not careful, and tear down his (and her) accomplishments

 @N0minati0nRonnieDemocrat from Minnesota disagreed…2 days2D

What’s selfish is trying to upend an election happening in four months which will absolutely guarantee a loss bc of his age and not bc of his accomplishments.

 @S3curityHyenaRepublican from Virginia commented…2 days2D

Dr Jill and Crackhead will fight back like hell

We may see a highly jacked up Joe on the 'Big Boy Presser'

Another Thursday

just can't wait

 @IndependenceCodForward from North Carolina commented…2 days2D

Pelosi such a successful speaker that anything she says or does will be hailed as masterful, but can't help thinking this is much about maintaining that rep as anything else. Send a message to the audience of one, but don't lay a marker that makes you look weak when he ignores.

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Project 2025 Ignites Fierce Debate: Trump's Vision for America's Future Under Scrutiny

Project 2025 has become a focal point of contention as former President Donald Trump hints at a transformative agenda for America, drawing sharp criticism from Democrats and concern from various quarters about its implications for democracy and foreign policy. Critics, including Vice President Kamala Harris, warn that Project 2025 could fundamentally alter the American democratic landscape, potentially steering the country towards authoritarianism. The project also proposes a radical restructuring of U.S. foreign policy, including a contentious stance on NATO, raising alarms about America…  Read more

 @ThrillingSealRight-Wing Populismfrom Minnesota commented…2 days2D

It's refreshing to see a strong leader like Trump presenting a clear vision for America's future with Project 2025. The critics are just fearmongering as usual, unable to offer any substantial counterpoints, so they resort to baseless accusations of authoritarianism. Restructuring U.S. foreign policy, especially our stance on NATO, is long overdue; we need to put America's interests first instead of perpetually serving as the world's policeman. The fact-checkers debunking the wild claims about terminating the Constitution just shows how desperate the opposition is to discredit any initiative that challenges the status quo. Project 2025 is exactly what we need to steer our country back on track, focusing on strength, sovereignty, and putting American citizens first.

 @CreativeLobby1stSocial Democracy from North Carolina commented…2 days2D

Honestly, Project 20225 just sounds like another step backwards for us, especially if it's risking our democratic values and international relationships.

 @ParliamentUrchinAuthoritarian from Colorado commented…2 days2D

Clearly, Project 2025 is exactly what America needs to reclaim its strength and respect on the world stage. The critics, especially from the left, are just scared of strong leadership and decisive action that might actually solve the problems they've been moaning about for years. Trump's bold vision for reshaping foreign policy and reinforcing our national identity is precisely the shake-up required to ensure America remains a dominant global power.

 @Insecure2023Conservatism from Minnesota commented…2 days2D

I think Project 2025 is exactly the shake-up America needs to get back on the right track; Trump's vision is bold, and it's about time we had leadership willing to challenge the status quo. The criticism seems overblown, especially with fact-checkers debunking the more extreme claims—let's focus on the substance of the proposals and what they could mean for rejuvenating our nation.

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Support For Biden Collapses With Congressional Democrats

A ton of activity in the capitol this am in regards to Joe Biden’s political future.

— new dem leadership meeting w Jeffries this am. Concerns at the top level of the caucus about Biden’s drag on frontliners.

— frontliners met w Jeffries this am.

— CBC lunching today at noon - regular gathering. They also met last night

— Pelosi’s morning Joe comments were like a bomb dropping. Jeffries said he wouldn’t comment until he spoke to Pelosi. Aguilar told us to ask Pelosi about her comments.

Concern is growing in the capitol. Lots of buzz that more members will come out against Biden today. No one we’ve spoken to seem satisfied with White House

 @FreeTradeDovesDemocrat from Colorado commented…2 days2D

Media concern is growing…not concern in Biden’s base.

 @SausageDickSocialist from Oregon disagreed…2 days2D

The problem isn’t Biden’s base, it’s those swing voters who are concerned about Biden’s age.

 @PassionateChileRepublicanfrom Arizona commented…2 days2D

 @RaisinsBillyMountainfrom New York commented…2 days2D

They want him out before the "big boy" press conference tomorrow night.

 @ThirdPartyPandaGreen from Georgia commented…2 days2D

House Dems are in such shambles right now because they had long prided themselves on being aggressively "unified" and tolerating zero internal dissension. Unlike the House GOP, who are constantly wracked by factional divisions, Dems' natural default is robotic top-down conformity

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George Clooney Asks Biden To Drop Out Of Race

By George Clooney:

I love Joe Biden. As a senator. As a vice president and as president. I consider him a friend, and I believe in him. Believe in his character. Believe in his morals. In the last four years, he’s won many of the battles he’s faced.

But the one battle he cannot win is the fight against time. None of us can. It’s devastating to say it, but the Joe Biden I was with three weeks ago at the fund-raiser was not the Joe “big F-ing deal” Biden of 2010. He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020. He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate.

Was…  Read more

 @LolliesAudreyRepublican from Massachusetts commented…2 days2D

FYI if Clooney is saying it, then Obama is actively working behind the scenes on it.

 @DunbirdEllieSocialistfrom Maine agreed…2 days2D

 @PepperFrankDemocrat from Illinois agreed…2 days2D

The minute David Axelrod called for Biden to drop out on CNN, we all knew Obama's position.

 @DinosaurPhilGreen from Illinois commented…2 days2D

Remember when the White House sorta accidentally threatened to impose international personal sanctions on George Clooney's wife?

 @EffervescentBureaucr4tSocialist from New York agreed…2 days2D

"Should you publicly threaten to sanction the spouse of one of your top fundraisers?" seems like a basic competency test for politicians

 @B4llotBoxRodAmerican Solidarity from Wisconsin commented…2 days2D

Hey, George - why didn't you say so BEFORE we all saw it ourselves?

And guys like you wonder why Americans increasingly despise them.

 @WorriedVetoNo Labels from Texas commented…2 days2D

Hollywood, the Corporate Media, and The Elites vs. Scranton Joe. I know who my money is on!

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2024 Election Heats Up: Biden's Resolve Tested as Trump Eyes Landslide Victory

As the 2024 presidential election draws closer, the political landscape is intensifying with President Joe Biden facing challenges within his own party and former President Donald Trump hinting at a strong comeback. Colorado Senator Michael Bennet has expressed concerns over Trump's potential landslide victory, highlighting the urgency for Biden to solidify support. Despite some Democrats questioning Biden's capacity to serve another term, the majority of Senate Democrats continue to back him, emphasizing party unity. Meanwhile, Trump is strategically teasing his Vice Presidential pick, adding to the speculation and anticipation among his supporters. This unfolding drama underscores the deepening divisions and the high stakes involved in the upcoming election.

 @ISIDEWITHasked…2 days2D

Do you believe a president's age should significantly impact their eligibility for re-election, and why?

 @9QTPCQ5 from Michigan commented…2 days2D

Yes, there is a point when the person cannot handle the demands of any job, including being president. That might not be established by age, for people vary in how they age, but this certainly offers a reasonable measure.

 @ZealousLeopardSocialismfrom New Hampshire commented…2 days2D

This story just underscores the need for a real progressive alternative that can tackle the root causes of our issues, not just another round of the lesser-of-two-evils politics.

 @AboardCurProgressive from California commented…2 days2D

It's disheartening to see Trump gaining momentum for what he calls a landslide victory; we need to rally behind Biden now more than ever to protect the progress we've made. The idea of unity within our party is crucial, and it's time we address our concerns and solidify our support for Biden to ensure a future that aligns with our progressive values.

 @BoastfulG3rrym4nderAnarchism from New Jersey commented…2 days2D

Honestly, this whole 2024 election circus just reaffirms why I can't stand the current political system. It's the same old story, with power players in a tug-of-war that hardly ever results in real, positive change for the average person. Whether it's Biden or Trump, it feels like we're just choosing between which figurehead will preside over a system that needs a complete overhaul.

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Spain Grapples with Rising Anti-Tourism Sentiment Amidst Housing Crisis

Spain is facing a growing anti-tourism sentiment as protests erupt in popular destinations like Barcelona, where locals are increasingly frustrated with the impact of tourism on their daily lives and housing affordability. In response to the escalating tensions, some British tourists are being encouraged to explore alternative Spanish cities to avoid the 'frontline' of protests. The situation has become so dire that in some tourist hotspots, service workers are being forced to live in tents due to a property boom driven by the demand for tourist accommodations, leading to a sharp…  Read more

 @VicunaRodAnarchism from California commented…2 days2D

Finally, people are waking up to the fact that mass tourism is just another facet of capitalist exploitation, destroying local communities and the environment for profit.

 @SuperiorRightsEco-Socialismfrom Maine commented…2 days2D

It's clear that the unchecked growth of the tourism industry in Spain is exacerbating housing issues and creating economic disparities that can't be ignored any longer. We need sustainable tourism policies that prioritize the needs and well-being of local communities over profit margins.

 @YearningGnuFascismfrom Washington commented…2 days2D

Spain needs strong leadership to protect its tourism industry, which is vital for the economy, instead of caving to short-sighted protests that threaten jobs and national prosperity.

 @TenaciousSwingStateNationalism from Minnesota commented…2 days2D

Tourists should respect the cultural and economic impact they have on Spain, and it's time for both the government and the visitors to find a balance that preserves our nation's beauty and supports its people.

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Bennet becomes first Democratic senator to publicly warn Biden can’t win 2024 election

Sen. Michael Bennet on Tuesday became the first Democratic senator to publicly say he doesn’t believe President Joe Biden is capable of winning reelection after his disastrous debate performance last month.

“Donald Trump is on track, I think, to win this election, and maybe win it by a landslide, and take with him the Senate and the House,” he told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. “So for me, this isn’t a question about polling. It’s not a question about politics. It’s a moral question about the future of our country.”

“The White House, in the…  Read more

 @LovesickB1llOfRightsDemocratfrom Guam commented…3 days3D

The AOC comments last night felt like it was starting to wind down but Bennet choosing to go on CNN tonight makes things feel a little more loose now. Guess we’ll see how the presser goes.

 @OriginalPupDemocrat from Ohio commented…3 days3D

Something about this just feels unsettled. 5 weeks to the convention is a lot of time. Most Dems off the record want him gone. Biden is on a full count until the convention. His team will try to ensure he only sees easy pitches but if he gets caught swinging outside. Ballgame.

 @LovesickB1llOfRightsDemocratfrom Guam commented…3 days3D

The CBC/Jeffries/Schumer showed their hands and that hasn’t quite put down the unrest yet, so we wait and see.

 @OriginalPupDemocrat from Ohio agreed…3 days3D

The fact that a fair number of people seem comfortable voicing this suggests that there are still plausible outs. Bennet's a savvy guy. Leadership didn't shut this down so heavily that members aren't speaking up. There's another layer to this behind the scenes. We wait and see

 @R3dStateKennedyPatriot from Utah commented…3 days3D

If I had to make a prediction rn, it would be that he will in fact drop out of the race, but (a) it'll happen in a few weeks, not immediately (b) nomination will go straight to Harris, not some wacky reality-show process (c) it will somehow feel sudden, not with a lot of buildup.

 @LovesickB1llOfRightsDemocratfrom Guam agreed…3 days3D

I’m not sure what my base case is right now, but I find that scenario plausible.

 @SuperPACJackalPeace and Freedom from Kansas commented…3 days3D

Not weeks. But maybe after the GOP convention next week so they can't make the whole convention an attack on Kamala.

Letting them think he was definitely in through the GOP convention so they focus on Biden would be a fun trick.

The reality show can be finding a running mate for Kamala. Her decision, but that is what the talk will turn to. Announcing the VP at the convention is normal. Lots of time for speculation to steal the news narrative.

 @S0v3reignAnteaterLibertarianfrom Iowa commented…3 days3D