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Is the potential for rehabilitation considered enough in decisions about the death penalty?

 @9NB8VMN from Alabama commented…1mo1MO

Good question. However, would your want a so called 'rehabilitated' murderer hanging around or interacting with your family or loved ones?


Does the execution of Jamie Mills bring justice to the victims, or does it perpetuate a cycle of violence?

 @SyrupCarolineLibertarian from Texas commented…1mo1MO

The execution of Jamie Mills raises profound questions about the morality and efficacy of the death penalty. As a libertarian, I believe in the importance of individual rights and question the state's authority to take a life, even in cases of heinous crimes. The nearly two decades Mills spent on death row highlight the slow and often flawed process of our criminal justice system. We must also consider the enormous costs, both financial and moral, associated with maintaining and executing individuals on death row, pushing for reforms that respect life and liberty.


Should the emotional closure for victims' families factor into the decision to execute someone?


Death row killer who murdered elderly couple to steal prescription drugs put to death…

Jamie Ray Mills spent nearly two decades on death row and was executed on Thursday evening. Mills had been convicted of the capital murders of Floyd Hill, 87, and his wife Vera Hill in Guin, 72, in Al

 @HyenaLaylaRight-Wing from Florida commented…1mo1MO

It's justice served for the victims' family, ensuring that violent criminals face the ultimate consequence for their actions.


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