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 @9LQWKSNfrom Virgin Islands agreed…4wks4W

There are many instances currently where AI is already out of our control, making them in control of weapons would make it even worse and dangerous to us.

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 @9LKJH9V from Texas disagreed…1mo1MO

People should be held accountable and be able to visibly see or otherwise understand their actions in war so as to not make sweeping decisions that affect large numbers of lives on a whim.

 @9M3KVCG from Florida answered…2wks2W

Only some weapons... ... and I think that they should be able to be guided by artificial AND human intelligence - human intelligence first.

 @9LFRY89Independent from North Carolina answered…1mo1MO

Yes, but only when the artificial intelligence is completely ready and foolproof, and it shouldn't be used for all weapons.

 @9MFBRSL from North Carolina answered…6 days6D

To an extent. We should experiment with such weapons and test them in labs, but they shouldn’t be a standard in warfare until more research is conducted to clarify their actual impact

 @9MDXLYZ from Kansas answered…6 days6D

Yes and No. It depends on the weapon being used and the satellite imaging of the location.
Remember … AI has NO conscious and therefore MUST be used ONLY if the intel is absolute. Never again should the words “what difference does it make at this time” be used!

 @9MDDFVDfrom Maine answered…1wk1W

They should in a way that complies with laws, no human can beat a ai robot, but ai can be used to protect too.

 @9M8TVL8 from California answered…2wks2W

We cannot fully rely on Artificial Intelligence as it continuously evolves and still has room for error.

 @9LFJ2LHRepublican from North Carolina answered…1mo1MO

I believe we should implement it under certain causes because the world is becoming more advanced every day.

 @9LFHGYYRepublican from Texas answered…1mo1MO

The military gets a lot of money poured into it so I'm pretty sure that if they decided to let AI guide them they would be safe.

 @9LDX2PX from Washington answered…1mo1MO

I think this will eventually happen in the future but right now artificial intelligence is still new and should be further developed before use in the military.

 @9LGC25HPeace and Freedom from Kansas answered…1mo1MO

I think that if we're going to fight there should not be any assistance from technological advancements however If we don't, other nations will in order to have a advantage over the United States

 @9LG8Y7S from North Carolina answered…1mo1MO

yes but only when artificial intelligence is at its peak and will be the least likely to malfunction and or make mistakes

 @9LG7G92 from Minnesota answered…1mo1MO

the use of guided weaponry should be restricted and used less on and in civilian populated areas, however they should be used in the battlefield to restrict human casualties. weaponry should be guided by people and if they're guided by people at a distance if need be but using AI to guide weaponry should pose restrictions based on who its used on, where its used, if its safe to use, ect.

 @9LG65NM from Montana answered…1mo1MO

No, because current AI technology can be unpredictable and errors that could happen would be devastating.

 @9LFWLG6 from Alabama answered…1mo1MO

No and NEVER, weapons should ALWAYS, ALWAYS be used and handled by Human Beings. Movies and past events have proven again and again that AI should NEVER EVER be used in anything really, but ESPECIALLY weapons.

 @9LFWJ2FConstitution from Alabama answered…1mo1MO

Yes, but they shouldn't be able to think for themselves, they should just follow the command on where to go, but also know if they messed up, or if the missile is damaged, or any of the above.

 @9LFWDSLSocialist from Missouri answered…1mo1MO

No, because there is room for failure in the intention of said AI's programming along with an override.

 @9LFW34W from North Carolina answered…1mo1MO

NO! AI is not the solution to everything, and it is not a reliable source of information or solutions to a problem, if you are programming a missile to know where it is and where it isn't that's fine but if you want AI to practically run the Military and to an extent the government then you are setting us up for failure and our downfall.

 @9LFV9QBRepublican from Ohio answered…1mo1MO

for some things yes other things no. I think missiles and icbms yes but aviation vehicles like planes and helicopters no.

 @9LFTS4J from Idaho answered…1mo1MO

Yes, but this artificial intelligence should be an aid, not the end all, be all. There should still be human involvement in the use of weaponry.

 @9LFSZGP from California answered…1mo1MO

Yes and no we have to manage who, what, and how these AI weapons are being controlled because it can be useful but again it can get out of control.

 @9LFLJC6Republican from Texas answered…1mo1MO

In some instances, they are beneficial; however, in the majority of cases, AI should not be used in the military.

 @9LFLF38 from Texas answered…1mo1MO

Possibly for certain tasks but none that actually interfere with humans. AI could be used for defense but not for actual shooting.


yes, to an extent because if AI takes over, people will be out of a job and will not be able to fight for their country

 @9LFJGDYGreen from Missouri answered…1mo1MO

So long as it's tested and proved that inaccuracies and miscalculation should be fine, then sure. Save human lives and keep our men in safety instead of out in the battlefield where they could be hurt.

 @9LFJ3TH from Georgia answered…1mo1MO

Well this would help the safety of soldiers and put less people on the field but what if machines go wrong and cause more distructions and conflict and or when they are very updated they could turn against us yk.

 @9LFFLVH from North Carolina answered…1mo1MO

Only if the AI was tested multiples times to be secured and not hacked by a foreign enemy who wants to destroy America.

 @93XKLHN  from Washington answered…1mo1MO

Yes, as long as there is always a human in the loop that makes the final judgement on the use of the weapon.

 @9LF9SH4  from Wisconsin answered…1mo1MO

No defense only. Can we make a better shield with the use of aI?Yes, that would be preferable.Can we make a better gun With the use of aI?No that would not be preferable.

 @9LF4V59 from New York answered…1mo1MO

probably not man i feel like they would do some mean things to us if we pissed em off yk what im saying?


Yes, HOWEVER, the AI should be heavily trained and processed first before actually putting it on the field. PERFECT IT FIRST

 @9LDY8HS from North Carolina answered…1mo1MO

I mean I'm not big on artificial intelligence at all, but if we absolutely need it then yes. Especially because the world is becoming more advanced everyday.

 @9LDY5H8 from Missouri answered…1mo1MO

NO! AI is not the solution to everything and it is not a reliable source of information or solutions to a problem, if you are programming a missile to know where it is and where it isn't that's fine but if you want AI to practically run the Military and to an extent the government then you are setting us up for failure and our downfall.

 @9LDT7Q3 from Louisiana answered…1mo1MO

Depends on the machinery or weapon. Heavy equipment like jets and tanks no, but kamikazi drones yes.

 @igeryuIndependent  from Kansas answered…1mo1MO

Not until we can be 100% confident that only intended targets will be harmed, even if that is not attainable anytime soon

 @9LDRHB7Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…1mo1MO

no because then any other country or would be able to use this tech in wars all far in war you could make the weapons have facial recognition and make it so they have there own customisation so they dont pick up each others weapons and make it explode if not the operation of said weapon

 @9LGL8BR from California answered…1mo1MO

There should be an international treaty and task force to limit the use of A.I. in the military to prevent A.I. from having the ability to command weapons of mass destruction.

 @9LGHJKV from North Carolina answered…1mo1MO

I am fine with AI being used by our military but, some things need to at least be backed up by a actual person doing something.

 @9LGGFRB from Missouri answered…1mo1MO

Absolutely not, at some point we will reach the singularity point and it will be too late. If we advance like this in war it will lead to more war.

 @9LGDCYHWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…1mo1MO

I feel like using these weapons are ok until people who aren’t included in the situation are effected.

 @9LGCZRZ from Indiana answered…1mo1MO

Current artificial intelligence technology is still in early development, using them now would risk accidental harms to civilian and infrastructure.

 @9LGCZNB from North Carolina answered…1mo1MO

Yes, however the AI should be supervised and have to have it's actions approved by a human individual or group before it acts.

 @9LGC39W from Missouri answered…1mo1MO

Yes and no because you don't kno0w what could happen ai is not always reliable but could be a helpful source.

 @9LGB9FKIndependent from Indiana answered…1mo1MO

Yes, but only if used with things such as targeting systems in tandem with a human professional. No weapon should be controlled soley by an AI that chooses who, when, or where to open fire.

 @9LG9H9Q from Florida answered…1mo1MO

i think they should use a.i because there smarter however we shoud try to not give them to much power

 @9LG93KY from Missouri answered…1mo1MO

they should work in tandem with the AI. using one over the other can cause human error or problems within the AI itself.

 @9LFRCDL from California answered…1mo1MO

El crear una Nueva inteligencia para armas Seria completamente una locura por que estariamos enfatizando El crear Nueva Guerras aun que fueran usadas para defensa


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