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 @KindheartedBureaucr4tRepublican from Maryland answered…4mos4MO

Democrats losing the working class and minorities should prompt a lot of soul-searching. Their entire source of moral authority for generations was that they were the party of the little guy, of the marginalized minority, and that might soon be gone.

 @ResilientVultureDemocratfrom Georgia disagreed…4mos4MO

There is absolutely nothing - except some recent bad polling - to suggest black and Hispanic voters general voting patterns have shifted significantly. If they were, Republicans would be more confident about things like redrawing Alabama’s congressional map.

 @GloomyL3ftLeaningVeteran from Virginia agreed…4mos4MO

Dems won't win for a while if identity is prioritized over the economy. All polling numbers are proving this. I've been saying it since 2016. Mayor Pete can't save the demographic slide of Hispanics abandoning the party at steep rates.

Dems must prioritize the inflation problem.

  @poodlemoth  from Florida commented…4mos4MO

I think that each case should not have racial statistics considered- this leads to racist biases.

 @NourishingC0al1tionRepublicanfrom New York agreed…4mos4MO

It would lead to higher crime in communities with already high crime rates since repeat offenders would be given lighter sentences.

 @9KL3ZV7 from Texas commented…4mos4MO

I believe they should not apply laws on individuals based on racial statistics in crime because that is a form of racism

 @9KLWX4N from Pennsylvania commented…4mos4MO

I think each case shouldn't care what race you are but how bad the crime committed was.

 @9KL9SXN from Colorado commented…4mos4MO

 @9KL9GG2 from California commented…4mos4MO

Racial Statistics should not influence how laws are applied to individuals, that's completely racist

 @9KL7LM4 from Arkansas commented…4mos4MO

All laws should apply to each race equally. Maybe changing them based on mental health or addiction but not race

 @9KL7HRRIndependent from North Carolina commented…4mos4MO

 @9KL69HR from North Carolina commented…4mos4MO

Background, education, and life circumstances should all be studied before sentencing.

 @9KKVZB2 from Iowa commented…4mos4MO

 @9KKVS4F from Georgia commented…4mos4MO

I think everyone should be treated equally no matter your race or religion

 @9KLK577 from New York commented…4mos4MO

 @9KLBBF5 from California commented…4mos4MO

It's not the racial crime statistics that are affected by laws that are implemented. It's the fact that people of low economic status happen to be certain races that are affected by more crime. Start by helping these communities with more government funding such as schools and mental funding.

 @9KKTN9KRepublican from California commented…4mos4MO

 @9KKT2XP from California commented…4mos4MO

 @9KKQTHM from Texas commented…4mos4MO

Not one person is the same. We should not have racial biases towards anyone and if this law was to pass it would be racist.

 @9KKQHSX from South Dakota commented…4mos4MO

 @9KKPFHS from Oklahoma commented…4mos4MO

 @9KKNYJZ from Indiana commented…4mos4MO

 @9KKMTRZ from California commented…4mos4MO

I believe that news topic are straying away from the actual issue that can affect our lives in a certain manner that we will never be able to go back. News these days are so irrelevant to the domestic agenda of a nation that it blinds people from the reality of our lives.

 @9KK8GRG from Georgia commented…4mos4MO

racial statistics should not influence laws as that goes against your rights.

 @9KJZZSQ from Virginia commented…4mos4MO

Not all people of color are criminals it shouldn’t be based on color it should be based on if you are actually a criminal

 @9KJYT6K from Florida commented…4mos4MO

 @9KJWFKN from Texas commented…4mos4MO

I feel a bit obligated considering that racism for colored and other races tend to be very common throughout many states in criminal activity.


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