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@983KVD8 from Illinois answered…1 day

No. Well which countries should be allowed has changed over the initial agreement; We should hold that no country directly bordering Russia should be part of NATO but can be a NATO ally.

@9832YQTRepublican from North Carolina answered…2 days

I they want protection from the USA and other NATO countries, they should join NATO.

@97ZZF73 from Nevada answered…3 days

Yes but only after the war ends and only if corruption is proven to be greatly reduced and human rights of it's citizens demonstrated.

@97ZTQF4Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

Yes, but this should be done after the current war to prevent escalation with Russia.

@97ZSFPKfrom Maine  answered…4 days

@97YX46Qfrom Maine  answered…1wk

I believe in abolishing NATO altogether, but Ukraine should definitely strive to join it as long as Russia poses a danger and as long as NATO exists.

@97XYTDHProgressive from California answered…1wk

What other sovereign countries do should not be up to us to decide, and ultimately the US should not be getting overly involved in the matters of foreign countries. However, it is important to hold all countries accountable for protecting human rights regardless of military alliances.

@7YS3KJPIndependent from Arizona answered…2wks

@96PPF56Constitution from Iowa answered…2wks

@97NG8YW from Michigan answered…3wks

This decision should be decided after the current war so we avoid a third world war

@97NBLF9from Virgin Islands  answered…3wks

@97LDT2LLibertarian from Nebraska answered…3wks

The us government should not be involved in other countries affairs.

@97KK49B from Florida answered…3wks

Yes, if Ukraine meets the same obligations as every other member country.

@97G4YYD from Missouri answered…3wks

@97BVS73Libertarian from Louisiana answered…4wks

No and nato countries should only assist those that were already members at the first sign of trouble

@8PS7SV8 from Oregon answered…4wks

yes, but this should be decided after the current war ends so we avoid a third world war

@7FBKPB3 from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

@979XB2T from Indiana answered…4wks

Yes, after Ukraine takes care of all the necessary requirements that every other member had to meet in order to join.

@978ZGHB from Colorado answered…4wks

@976GZJYRepublican from Ohio answered…4wks

Both yes and no. Yes because it would provide Ukraine with the protection they are seeking, and no because then it would probably cause a war to end the world.

@975VP5F from Texas answered…4wks

is really hard because es front the Russia and russia not will allow ukraine join Noto because to long country is big for example United State

@974CSHV from Maryland answered…4wks

This is the decision of the Ukraine and we have no right to intervene.

@972F6LS from New York answered…1mo

@96Z7PP2 from Iowa answered…1mo

No yes or no answer is based on relevant information at this time. Stupid question to include.

@96YWVT7 from Iowa answered…1mo

Yes, once they meet the currently established criteria for joining NATO.

@96YVZX4 from Ohio answered…1mo

@96YSXRN from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

@96WPM5Dfrom Texas  answered…1mo

@96WCZ8X from North Carolina answered…1mo

That is up to Ukraine and Nato, I also do not know enough about it.

@96VZ2FQ from Washington answered…1mo

@96WBH7G from Virginia answered…1mo

Until the violence in Ukraine has subsided and the casualties of the innocent stop, I will return to this question one day with an educated answer


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