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@2SXCF2Pfrom Missouri  answered…1hr

The government doesn't produce anything so they can only redistribute money not give money out. Cancel all taxes to help families financially.

@9679PK6 from Florida answered…15hrs

They should create facilities in which the students can go while parents are at work

@966DH8Z from Texas answered…22hrs

@966M69N from Arizona answered…1 day

@96668MWSocialist from Texas answered…2 days

@966DGZ6Women’s Equality from Idaho answered…2 days

If the cost is an expensive tutor and its maybe a lower income family then yes, but most families should be able to recover or work with their school to recover.

@965SCNJ from Florida answered…2 days

Yes but only based off their family income and how many children are affected

@964ZZCXRepublican from Georgia answered…3 days

No, came to this reasnoning because a ton of families have experienced covid and been out of their job for long periods of time. I feel like people take advanatge of the system and finanical oppurtunities

@964MGDK from Massachusetts answered…3 days

Yes but only to families with children in the eighth grade or lower.

@@Kevin Brown JR from Massachusetts answered…4 days

Yes but only for families with children in the eighth grade or lower.

@963W3HB from Arkansas answered…5 days

Yes, only if the aid is based on the average rate of child care in the area.

@963TVKM from New York answered…5 days

The money should go to the schools, then all families would be supported more equitably.

@Kevin-Brown-JR from Massachusetts answered…5 days

@963J2XV from Florida answered…5 days

Yes, but only temporarily until the family can get back on their feet.

@95ZPBSD from North Carolina answered…1wk

@95Z97YC from Indiana answered…1wk

@95ZH4VP from Virginia answered…1wk

No, but take measures to people them safe at work and only provide aid if they lose their jobs .

@95ZCL3D from Georgia answered…1wk

No, the financial aid should go to underfunded public schools that are not able to provide compensatory services.

@95YRLKP from Missouri answered…1wk

The body (city, district, state) that required the closure should be required to pay for related expenses to families.

@95YMR65 from Virginia answered…1wk

No, but open schools with strict guidlines to protect people from disease.

@95YCWJJ from California answered…1wk

No, but money should have been given to schools in order to help families throughout the pandemic.

@95XVG7D from Texas answered…1wk

No. Should be handled by state and local government on a case by case basis.

@95XRF5SRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

No, but it should in the case of low-income families that cannot afford to house and feed their kid all day.

@5NC3FB5from Utah  answered…1wk

No, and we should acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

@95T2863 from Michigan answered…2wks

@95SYF7B from New Hampshire answered…2wks

No. Our current system takes away funding from public schools when less children attend because they go to private schools instead. This reduces the quality of education for the children at private schools.

@95SP36J from Missouri answered…2wks

Only if the families are dependent on the food, or the childcare aspect of education.

@95S85DF from Missouri answered…2wks

Kind of but not to the point where people just expect a large check for the government where they don't have to work.

@95RW4KN from Ohio answered…2wks

To state both sides of the argument with one solution; use older books, software that would cost considerably less than a brand new updated.

@95RT8ZR from Washington answered…2wks

Both sides are absolutely correct. Public schools are absolutely a necessity but they're also WILDLY underfunded.

@95RPDTRIndependent from Texas answered…2wks

Yes, but the amount should vary based on whether a significant financial hardship is suffered. If a school closes and online learning is provided with the school providing the necessary equipment (i.e. laptops and school materials), then no financial aid should be provided. However, if a family has to provide those materials or has to get an internet service they nominally cannot afford, of a babysitter is hired because the parents work during the school day, or really any situation where the parents have to pay out of pocket for their child's required education, then they need to be reimbursed. Please note that this does not include private education.

@95Q436M from New York answered…2wks

Yes, in the form of vouchers for tutoring and after-school program funding

@95P4NRVProgressive from Virginia answered…2wks

@95N7FMP from Washington answered…2wks

To a certain point yes, like in the middle of the pandemic. But right now no.

@95M99D8 from California answered…2wks

No, the funding should be directed to public schools and extracurricular tutoring (for periods of school closures) instead

@95LX38P from California answered…2wks


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