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@985LZSDLibertarian from Georgia answered…2mos

It is difficult to say, as cutting funding would be a blow at the Taliban itself, but also hurt those under their governing, causing poverty and hunger to innocent people.

@9852K5T from Illinois answered…2mos

Provide humanitarian aid to citizens without involving the government.

@984GJL4 from New Jersey answered…2mos

Aid should be tied to liberalization of human rights moving toward tolerance and women's rights

@984FNFB from Florida answered…2mos

Yes, but require the Taliban government to use 70% of it for its citizens

@9845Y8T from Minnesota answered…2mos

The United States should not participate or comment on any IMF or World Bank actions, and should not contribute to their cultural destruction

@983M63L from Iowa answered…2mos

@983KVD8 from Illinois answered…2mos

Yes. Only Humanitarian aid for the families living within the country.

@9838WGD from Minnesota answered…2mos

I don’t like the idea of giving money to the Taliban government, but without our aid hundreds of families will starve. So, yes.

@mdemars88from Texas  answered…2mos

Financial Aid should be predicated on the Afghanistan government under the Taliban if they comply with international law in regards to human rights.

@98333RWLibertarian from Virginia answered…2mos

@982R8M4Green from Nevada answered…2mos

Regardless, we should not freeze Afghani assets and banks that citizens there need to survive.

@982G4TZfrom Virgin Islands  answered…2mos

No, but the U.S. should allow Afghan immigrants to legally gain access to enter the country.

 @Joseph-CreedDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

@97ZVG9K from Michigan answered…2mos

No, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund should be abolished.

@97ZQZWY from Washington answered…2mos

@97ZM577 from Michigan answered…2mos

@97ZC4CFfrom Guam  answered…2mos

  Deleted answered…2mos

No, we should not get involved in any countries besides ourself and to a lesser degree, Canada and Mexico --- our only true friends, if any exist.

@97Z6B5GRepublican from New York answered…2mos

@97YZXY8 from Indiana answered…2mos

@97YRMQX from California answered…2mos

@97YPYXK from Minnesota answered…2mos

No, instead there should be increased opportunities to help citizens escape Afghanistan.

@97YBR4Pfrom Guam  answered…2mos

@97Y5J99 from Virginia answered…2mos

Yes, with heavy international oversight to oversee the use of funds to help Afghan civilians and not terrorist organizations.

@braceyourself from Texas answered…2mos

No, because the IMF and World Bank are Western institutions that use predatory loans and policies to force countries to adhere to western imperial demands.

@97XYTDHProgressive from California answered…2mos

No, but if we can make attempts to send humanitarian aid to those who need it, then we should do that without sending money directly to the Taliban government.

@97XSJ57 from New York answered…2mos

@97XGVRW from Texas answered…2mos

Yes, pending the institution of human rights, especially women's rights and religious freedom.

@97XB74FSocialistfrom Virgin Islands  answered…2mos

@97X88LF from Maine answered…2mos

Yes, but on the condition that the aid goes directly to the Afghan people--particularly women and children--and not through a Taliban-affiliated third-party.

@97X37SP from North Carolina answered…2mos

This would be one of the few instances of surveillance I would personally not morally object too because there is not another way to get information. Though I believe the League of Nations should vote to do it or not.

@97WS7MC from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

@gklewis83 from Kansas answered…2mos

No organization should ever provide financial aid to any government, regardless of their political stance. Instead, organizations should provide financial aid (or any other aid) to the people who are suffering.

@97WFFSF from Mississippi answered…2mos

No, only countries that pass a human rights committee certification should be given aid.

@97WBX87from Maine  answered…2mos

Only to ensure that the funding is purely humanitarian and used to help the people

@97W369L from Iowa answered…2mos

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund should provide financial aid to the people of Afghanistan, not to support the government.

@97VJF3L from Iowa answered…2mos

This is irrelevant, it is not under the prerogative of the U.S. government.

@97TQXBK from New York answered…2mos

No, sanctions should be lifted and access granted to foreign-held assets of Afghanistan

@addman from Oregon answered…2mos


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