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@97MLWMG from California answered…3mos

im unsure of both candidates therefore i do not have a stance on this

@97635XZRepublican from California answered…3mos

@975RSBZ from California answered…3mos

Newsom is arrogant and doesn't have a grip on the reality of living in California. Californians need a responsible and responsive democratic candidate that is not trying to make us the worlds environmental leader - instead keep us responsible but lower taxes and change fuel laws.

 @lemans3427Republican from California commented…3mos

Candidates On The Gas Tax

"When asked about calls from Republicans to suspend the gas tax, Dahle explained how increased transportation costs drive up the price of food and other goods and argued that pausing the gas tax would be “the fastest way you can actually help drive down inflation.”

"Newsom cited energy experts who say California’s taxes and requirements for cleaner burning (but more expensive) gasoline do not account for the wide price difference from the national average."

@96T9NCM from California answered…3mos

I would like another choice, and if given another choice I would not vote for either.

@96RTGNR from California answered…3mos

@96K3X7M from California answered…4mos

@96HM34CDemocrat from California answered…4mos

@96FJ37F from California answered…4mos

I probably wouldnt vote i agree and disagree with each candidate in different ways

@969Y2MF from California answered…4mos

Neither, I can't vote and won't any time soon. I also know neither of these people.

@965P2V7Independent from California answered…4mos

@96226KB from California answered…4mos

@95ZZM3D from California answered…4mos


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