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@9XH3NK2Green from Illinois answered…1wk

No, we will not be able to enforce this effectively as there are too many people that use this.

@9WQT2NQDemocrat from Utah answered…1mo

The government should impliment policy based on frequently updated scientific data regarding health of the public on public transportation.

@9WRK34RPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…1mo

No, but masks should be kept on standby on public transportation vehicles.

@9WFGZR4Peace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…1mo

Yes, but excpetions for certain health issues; also, the federal government should only really get involved when covid spikes require it. If they don't, leave it up to the state

@9VV4GXXLibertarian from Texas answered…2mos

If it is federal public transport, the government can make that call but if it is state funded public transport, no.

@9VHX7P9Independent from Florida answered…3mos

No, masks were never as effective as people were lead to believe. Vaccination should be encouraged for people on public transportation.

@9W9ZBPQWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…1mo

Yes, here is the facts/truth, Masks are a filter (not small enough to fully block viruses (they are less than a micron across) viruses do however get embedded in a lot of things including moisture in the body and respiratory droplets. Those droplets can be broken by air gaps (smaller than the naked eye) of materials (different materials have different sized air gaps). That breaks up the droplets into smaller droplets that are (basically splits into different groups which decreases the concentration of those viruses) and since the smaller droplets go in different directions it becomes less

@9W6W3VBGreen from California answered…2mos

If it prevents spread then I think any ethical person would want to.

@9W6MKB8Veteran from Florida answered…2mos

No, the government should recommend but not mandate it and let each state decide.

@9W2PXNMWomen’s Equality from Maryland answered…2mos

Yes, unless they have asthma, or anything that makes it difficult to wear a mask

@9VNWSFWGreenfrom Maine  answered…3mos

Yes, until the transmission of COVID-19 has reduced to a controllable level

@9VMT78FPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…3mos

Let people wear masks if they want to or if they're a risk; clearly forcing people to do stuff they don't want to just leads to violence and rebellion.

@9VM54G8Independent from Massachusetts answered…3mos

@9VJCS6LProgressive from Texas answered…3mos

Yes; however, vaccinated people should be allowed to not wear their mask if they wish.

@9VHZPZGPeace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…3mos

@9VHZM6CPopulist from Montana answered…3mos

No, however state and local governments can and should bear the responsibility for establishing their masking policies

@9VGX9XCSocialist from North Carolina answered…4mos

@9VGHRL7Libertarian from Iowa answered…4mos

The mayor of north Dakota did it right. The people themselves should vote and sat whether or not to mandate the masks. Be it private business owners or just have it by county.

@9VFRB6FRepublican from California answered…4mos

Only to those that have developed signs of sickness and could spread it to others

@9VFNVPKDemocrat from North Carolina answered…4mos

If the numbers are increasing in the area sure order a mask mandate if the numbers are decreasing then no need to wear a mask

@9VFNRLBSocialist from Indiana answered…4mos

Yes unless a person has a serious medical issue that causes them to not be able to wear a mask

@9VF2VW6Libertarian from New York answered…4mos

If the local government decides if it’s the right decision

@RavenerousSocialist from Texas answered…3mos

@DaveDem56Democrat from Alabama answered…3mos

@9VFQPKJRepublican from Kentucky answered…4mos

Yes, and ONLY vaccinated people should not be allowed to wear a mask if they don't want to.

@9XKMFTPRepublican from Colorado answered…5 days

@Tapirwarrior8Women’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…18hrs

@9XMR793Veteran from Illinois answered…2 days

Regardless, it should be up to the state or the local governments.

@schnettlerPeace and Freedom from Arizona answered…2 days

ugh, I think yes and no. I am vaccinated and always wear a mask, but that is my choice. and since I belie my body my choice, I don't think we should necessarily force masks ,however if a business/company decide to enforce it I do think they should be supplied with a covid force team so the employees don't have to deal with angry Karens. If it is deemed we need to enforce masks (to ensure the world doesn't die out (exaggeration)) then places need to be supplied with a protection team that is trained to deal with those people.

@9XM7SSKDemocrat from South Carolina answered…3 days

yes, unless there is a medical condition that prevents the use of one.

@9XM6XP5Peace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…3 days

Yes, lack of masks can endanger those who cant be vaccinated.

@9XLZD7NProgressive from Idaho answered…3 days

@9XLD35WWorking Family from Texas answered…4 days

The government should recommend but not mandate it, but the states should mandate it if they so choose

@9XJLYQSWorking Family from Missouri answered…5 days

yes, unless a person has a underlying condition which makes it harder to breath.

@9XJJN8PPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…6 days

Yes, but not including vaccinated people and Infants that are younger than 5 years old.

@9XJG3TTVeteran from Georgia answered…6 days

No it’s not the governments choice to decide what we wear

@9XGKJF3Green from Texas answered…1wk

Yes, until COVID numbers drop significantly or until the pandemic is over.

@9XFB2GYWorking Familyfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…2wks

@9XF5DN5Women’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…2wks


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