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@93PCQFD from Colorado answered…5mos

@93NX3F2Libertarian from California answered…5mos

Accept it as a cultural holiday and allow black Americans to have PAID time off

@93NRSBKLibertarian from Indiana answered…5mos

Yes to Juneteenth or Emancipation Day. Get rid of Flag Day, which is silly and has nothing to with freedom.

@93NPN5GSocialist from South Carolina answered…5mos

No(because white people get the day off), but Black Americans should receive reparations

@93MZFJ7Socialist from Tennessee answered…5mos

I do not have an opinion, because this should be an issue for people of color

@93MHD36 from Michigan answered…5mos

Yes, and add Emancipation Day to the list of national holidays as well

@93MDBZNLibertarian from Michigan answered…5mos

No it's a Holiday from a specific state. Other states can vote on making it a holiday.

@93M4DQJ from New York answered…5mos

Yes, but forbid any political-driven influence or agendas such as CRT and the 1619 Project.

@93LVNPD from New Jersey answered…5mos

@93LDMT6 from Pennsylvania answered…5mos

yes, but in doing so, white federal workers had the day off but many black americans were at work that day. It should be standard that every single working black american gets the day PAID & OFF. Along with reparations.

@93L6ST5Independent from New Jersey answered…5mos

yes, but we should not owe anything to black americans if we had nothing to do with other people’s actions

@93KPLJY from California answered…5mos

Only if reparations for Black people and systemic transformations occur that eliminate white supremacy

@93KNJLNfrom Guam  answered…5mos

@jlaud03 from Indiana answered…5mos

Yes, but it should be about celebrating American freedom and history

@93JQBLX from Wisconsin answered…5mos

@93JMGPK from Texas answered…5mos

No, and end heritage months and designate one month to celebrate all cultures and ethnicities instead and get rid of mlk day

@93J33PZ from North Carolina answered…5mos

I think celebrating the Emancipation Proclamation would be more worthwhile, either that or simply incorporating black citizens into the festivities at Independance day. We want to celebrate what we have in common, and as it has been used by the Democrats, they have gone out of their way to use it to separate black citizens off from other Americans. We shouldn't have one Independence day for one group and then another for everyone else. That's divisive.

@billyjackflash25 from Illinois answered…5mos

Yes, as long as we don't increase the number of paid days off for federal employees.

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@93GF92G from Oregon answered…6mos

I do not have enough knowledge on the topic to make an informed opinion

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@93G39JJIndependent from Texas answered…6mos

Yes, but let's focus on helping the black community instead of just giving them a month.

@93G364J from Texas answered…6mos

No, end end heritage months period. They create more separation and division. Everyone should celebrate their cultures individually whenever they want.

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@93FP597 from Alabama answered…6mos

Yes, but all heritage months should be transitioned into one month to celebrate all cultures and ethnicities (including Caucasian’s).

@93DSXPD from Illinois answered…6mos

I think that people have capitalized on it like other things to profit off of the pains and messages of identities that are not their own.

@93DCH95 from New York answered…6mos

If we had a better society, we wouldn’t have to celebrate something that should have been the standard

@93D5R2DLibertarian from Indiana answered…6mos

No, make Emancipation Day a national holiday instead, and making public holidays such as Juneteenth federal holidays offers bias to one group over all others which is unconstitutional. No present-day Black Americans are slaves and all have been free for over 150 years, and do not deserve reparations any more than any other ethnicity in America. The actions of extremist groups in our country should not govern the stereotypes for all other Americans.

@93CCV2L from Ohio answered…6mos

Absolutely not. Martin Luther King day is representing. There is no Native Americans dayas a holiday. Natives were the first slaves and genocide victims.

@93C2QR3Republican from North Carolina answered…6mos

No, it should be December 6th 1865 when the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified abolishing slavery in the U.S.

@939P34TRepublican from North Carolina answered…6mos

@939JCLJ from Illinois answered…6mos

No, we have enough holidays. Meat prices are too high to keep having BBQ’s every month and no one has enough time to rotate their decorations every other week nor the room to keep investing in and storing more decor.

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