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@9XK2KDXPeace and Freedom from California answered…5 days

yes, but only if we reform current laws and practices in our system that affect black americans (and other poc groups by extension)

@9XFR63QWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…1wk

Yes, but Biden took the credit from Trump, Trump was going to pass that holiday but couldn't before the election.

@9XFBQ62Peace and Freedom from Georgia answered…2wks

Regardless, we need to listen to bipoc voices, and what they say

@9XF7656Republican from Utah answered…2wks

Of course, under the condition that it isn’t used to decry America as a systemically racist place

@9W6MKB8Veteran from Florida answered…2mos

Yes, but we should celebrate all cultures and ethnicities instead not just one only.

@9W6BN75Republican from Texas answered…2mos

No, and end heritage months and designate one month to celebrate all cultures and ethnicities instead put all black people in internment camps

@9VKVGD6Libertarian from Georgia answered…3mos

No, there should be no federal holidays besides Independence Day.

@9VG9JYYRepublican from Connecticut answered…4mos

Yes but it should focus on the freeing of slavers and not Black Lives Matter or modern day issues

@9VFVZHJTranshumanist from New York answered…4mos

Yes, and schools should focus on teaching the significance of the holiday.

@9VFT7XXConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

Hell No!!! Let the emancipation proclamation be a Federal Holiday instead!!!!

@9VFJJHYDemocrat from Indiana answered…4mos

Yes and No. Making it a federal holiday allows for everyone to celebrate what should be a black american owned holiday. Claiming to celebrate it for everyone is unfair, especially when many schools refuse to properly teach about Juneteenth and the struggles of black people through american history.

@9VLCZC4Republican from Virginia answered…3mos

@9XNP8XGWomen’s Equality from New York answered…1hr

Yes, also make Emancipation Day a holiday and make a month dedicated to all cultures, religions, and ethnicities (Unity Month).

@9XNHKHGVeteran from New York answered…20hrs

@9XNGNDCPeace and Freedom from New York answered…23hrs

Yes, and make Emanipation Day a national holiday too. Also, designate one month to all cultures, religions, and ethnicities. (Unity Month)

@9XN6NGXConstitution from North Carolina answered…2 days

No, but make Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson's birthdays federal holidays.

@9XMY26RAmerican Solidarity from Missouri answered…2 days

@9XLCTMZVeteran from West Virginia answered…4 days

@9XHT5TXWorking Family from Georgia answered…6 days

@9XHB6YMGreen from Illinois answered…1wk

Yes. New holidays are a sign that our country embraces new history.

@9XGBR2YWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1wk

no, end all holidays related to religion and make only holidays based on remembering/respecting cultures and people

@9XG24T3Transhumanist from South Carolina answered…1wk

No, all Americans are equal so therefore we should celebrate all Americans rather then just celebrate a certain group.

@HerTears-14Peace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…2wks

Yes, make it a federal holiday, but call it "Juneteenth" or "Emancipation Day", not another "Independence Day"

@9XCXBDTLibertarian from Tennessee answered…2wks

This is an important day, and can be recognized, but we don't need more official holidays with government and businesses closed.

@9XCTXD3Republican from Colorado answered…2wks

No, I do think it is worthy to be celebrated, but not to the extent of becoming a federal holiday

@9XCC2JKTranshumanist from Missouri answered…2wks

Yes, but also designate one month to celebrate all cultures and ethnicities

@9XBLBBLLibertarian from Wisconsin answered…2wks

@9X9X3VJWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…2wks

Yes, though all races and ethnicities deserve a fair share of representation, Black Americans deserve a specified holiday of representation as well.

@9X8RM6KWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…2wks

Yes, and we need more education about in our schools as well

@9X8DW44Libertarian from Texas answered…2wks

No, but it should be celebrated just not a national holiday.

@9X884WQVeteran from Montana answered…2wks

If people actually wanted to celebrate african americans then they would stop removing names such as Aunt Jemima, because it's "racist." Which is incorrect these people worked hard to create their product and americans who claim to support black lives are not doing their research, and they are stripping these historical people of their name and history. Which is wrong.

@9X7BH48Republican from Kansas answered…3wks

No, but hold a national referendum for black people to decide if Emancipation Day should be a national holiday instead

@9X6QVS3Libertarian from Wisconsin answered…3wks

No, no more federal holidays should be issued as they only serve to give people a day off. It should instead be remembered and acknowledged as an important day in history such as D-Day.

@9X65677Republican from Virginia answered…3wks

The more we segregate with months and holidays, the more division is created. We will never become one nation until everyone sees themselves as equal and not as victims needing reparations.

@9X5NTPPRepublican from Ohio answered…3wks

No, month should be be chosen to celebrate any culture and ethnicity

@9X5HS6LWomen’s Equality from Delaware answered…3wks

Why are we even asking this? Juneteenth is very important to many people. We have a day to celebrate our thanksgiving but we cant celebrate the freedom of the misunderstood and mistreated african americans? why is this even in a option? it should be a yes

@9X4YR6TRepublican from Tennessee answered…3wks

No we should all be treated equal. Singling out any group creates the idea that we are not

@9X4L226Working Family from Tennessee answered…3wks


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