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@89LSS7XIndependent from New York answered…8mos

Yes, states should decide on their own regarding how they should proceed

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…11mos

Yes, but insist that only vaccinated students may attend in-person learning at schools and unvaccinated students must continue learning online

@84VYRJ6 from New Jersey answered…1yr

Yes, fully, but the unvaccinated should have to mask unless they cannot get the vaccine for medical reasons or have had the disease recently.

@8TPPTP8 from Ohio answered…1yr

@8TPJDYQ from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No, abolish the standard K-12 system and bring back apprenticeships.

@8TP7WDX from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, but offer a choice between online and in-person learning, but also allow local school districts to decide if they want to reopen.

@8TP6QKS answered…1yr

Yes, but only unvaccinated students who cannot shed dangerous spike proteins on others should be allowed to attend

@Ravenerous from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, although offer a choice between online and in-person as well as only vaccinated students should be allowed to attend in-person

@8TNDF54 from California answered…1yr

@8TNDCFL from South Dakota answered…1yr

Decide based on state infection numbers and with proper precautions.

@8FP7T82Progressive from Minnesota answered…1yr

@8TMXY98 from Illinois answered…1yr

Keep classes online, so parents can monitor, if their children's teachers are pushing leftist indoctrination propaganda.

@8TMX69TDemocrat from Florida answered…1yr

@8TMVPSN from Indiana answered…1yr

K-12 education should be wholly privatized, and all education done through online private schools of the parents choosing, who will pay tuition, instead of property taxes.

@8TMRXHH from Indiana answered…1yr

It depends on the spread and vaccination rate of the community the school(s) is apart of. In most cases the answer is YES.

@8TMCVBK from New Jersey answered…1yr

@8TLDW34Libertarianfrom Maine  answered…1yr

@8TLDMVPLibertarian from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes, but allow immunocompromised children the option to continue learning online

@8TK4DJ6 from Kansas answered…1yr

Yes, but with masks and social distancing while also encouraging people to get vaccinated

@8TJYK5W from California answered…1yr

Yes, they should re-open, but people shouldn't send their children to publics schools to be indoctrinated by leftist policies.

@8TJVNCHDemocrat from Michigan answered…1yr

Yes, but only vaccinated students should be allowed to attend and there should be an online option for all students

@8TJLSGP from Arizona answered…1yr

@8TJL6V5 from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, there’s no reason kids should’ve missed any in person schooling.

@8THJKTXSocialist from Georgia answered…1yr

Yes if proper safety measures are guaranteed and teachers/students have a choice

@8TGZPBD from New Hampshire answered…1yr

@8TG6FFS from New Hampshire answered…1yr

Yes, but offer a choice between online and in-person, but allow only vaccinated students in the school if they choose to do in-person learning for the safety of others

@8TFZXXL from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes, but encourage masks and allow online learning for those who are at risk

@8TFZJYC from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, but only if the schools strictly regulate proper preventative procedures and adjust class size and schedules

@8TFMFKM from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, but require vaccination or COVID testing in order to attend in person.

@8TFMF6G from Georgia answered…1yr

Yes, but only if the percentage of vaccinated students and teachers is above a significant percentage.

@8TFJVFC from Arizona answered…1yr

Given that government run schools are indoctrination camps they should be closed forever. Homeschool your kids.

@8TFCX4Cfrom Maine  answered…1yr

We need to focus on reducing covid-19 cases and we have to support students and families currently atending school online in lockdown.

@8TF44GJ from Washington answered…1yr

@8TDV6ZK from Oregon answered…1yr

Yes, but only to students who have been fully vaccinated or students who cannot be vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons.

@8TB798W from Texas answered…1yr

It should be the choice of each individual school or organization.

@8TDN265Libertarian from Washington answered…1yr

@8TDKN4Q from Arizona answered…1yr

Yes, but only vaccinated students can attend in person; unvaccinated students are required to do online until vaccinated.

@8TD7LR3 from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, but take necessary precautions and make wearing effective masks mandatory for non-vaccinated students. Vaccinated students may or may not choose to wear one.

@8RBQDDPDemocrat from Vermont answered…1yr

Yes, as long as students and faculty are vaccinated and healthy, and it is safe to do so

@8TC5FTSIndependent from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes, but students should maintain not as strict social distancing and be recommended to wear a mask. Online learning should be available only for those who have family at risk or are at risk themselves.


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