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 @9FLS3RX  from California disagreed…7 days7D

The police need more training if they ever come to a situation where they freeze and have no idea what to do and not instantly just reach for their gun but instead to take a minute and really think things through.

 @9FM9SW8 from Washington agreed…6 days6D

They need to take some form of u conscious bias training and further their firearm handling training as well as vetting process to be a police officer

 @9FP53DFWorkers  from California disagreed…5 days5D

The police need more training so they are not left to their own devices if they aren't prepared to deal with the people they are trying to control.

 @9FP2RRG from Indiana disagreed…5 days5D

We saw in several cases abuses of power within the police, with as little weaponry as a gun and a knee and no accountability - they do not need to be armed further.

 @9FPPMNDPeace and Freedom from Illinois disagreed…4 days4D

Police officers tend to use too much force when dealing with complications, some even target people of color. I believe our police officers should not carry military grade weapons while conducting business around citizens.

 @9FPL4FZProgressive from Pennsylvania disagreed…4 days4D

Police have been getting stronger with training grounds using high class firearms such as cop city. The Minneapolis Police, for example, have been nothing but dangerous to their community for decades, to even some residents say they feel unsafe calling the police in emergency situations. Giving them more funding and militarization will only further police's abusie behavior to those they see as below them.

 @9FLQW9F from California disagreed…7 days7D

I believe police should be fully trained and expirenced in combat to prevent hurting those not causing harm

 @9FN3K5Y from South Dakota disagreed…6 days6D

Regardless of training a nations population should not be exposed to the same weapons and tactics that our nation uses to kill those we are at war with. That is a war against the people. I agree the police should be demilitarized.

 @9FLCHLBSocialistfrom Maine disagreed…1wk1W

Even with strict training, humans are unpredictable beings, there is absolutely no guarantee that would stop the chances of an accidental shooting.

 @9FM5PR3 from Idaho disagreed…7 days7D

Once again, police receive strict training but can we always trust them to use their guns correctly? No. So why put guns in the classroom when there is no way of knowing what the teachers will do?

 @9FNT75ZRepublican from Wisconsin disagreed…5 days5D

If we Demilitarize the Police then what are you trying to accomplish? More deaths, drugs, and crime will happen without forcing people to listen.

 @9FQW5NF from New York disagreed…2 days2D

Military and police should be completely different entities. If there is any situation that police can not handle a situation with the equipment they have then they should receive support from a federal entity designed to handle it.

 @9FLF6DB from Ohio disagreed…1wk1W

Although some officers can be well trained and stick by policies there are too many corrupt cops and we should not be giving them fuel.

 @9FQ7KFYfrom Guam disagreed…4 days4D

If we train and equip local police to act like the military in a warzone, that is how they will act.

 @9FNLJCYConstitution from Ohio disagreed…5 days5D

A gun should not be used unless necessary, there should be training on how to stop situations without firearms.

 @9FLDVRR from New York disagreed…1wk1W

they are police officers they are not a standing military, they should not have any more advanced equipment the citizens have.

 @9FQBGQWRepublican from Missouri disagreed…3 days3D

Police should not be allowed to have military-grade equipment due to the fact that police brutality is an issue in the United States.

 @9FLVZ9Z from Michigan disagreed…7 days7D

But what are we going to do when that training fails? When a police officer pulls out a gun on someone they weren't initially supposed to? There is still a person behind the gun- nothing changes that.

 @9FMXJYXIndependent from Texas disagreed…6 days6D

I think in a perfect world the police could use military equipment, but because most police training tends to force police officers to lean towards knee jerk reactions I feel that kind of equipment would not be necessary in a quick thinking scenario.

 @9FQF449from Northern Mariana Islands disagreed…3 days3D

Police should never acquire military equipment, the equipment is only fit for the military therefore they are the only ones that should have the equipment. When the equipment gets old they can sell it to the private sector to civilians or reuse what they can for example armor and glass.

 @9FQ3H4Kfrom Washington disagreed…4 days4D

The police's track record when it comes to dealing with non-threatening situations needs improvement. They cannot be relied upon with military grade equipment.

 @9FLTDQ2 from Nevada disagreed…7 days7D

Police have been given equipment that can be accessed by any U.S. citizen yet too many cases of misconduct or abuse have happened in most police departments across the country.

 @9FKZDSFProgressive from Indiana disagreed…1wk1W

The police need more training so they are not left to their own devices if they aren't prepared to deal with the people they are trying control.

 @9FLH2PQ from Missouri disagreed…7 days7D

very important because cops need to know when and how to use the equipment so that they're not putting a civilian's life in risk

 @9FRD2M3Peace and Freedom from Florida disagreed…1 day1D

Even with police being fully experienced and trained for combat, there is no guarantee that it would stop the chances of an accidental shooting.

 @9FSK9PP from Colorado disagreed…26mins26m

96% of police responses are non violent. We train our officers to handle the 4%, then wonder why they overreact.

 @Anna  from California disagreed…9hrs9H

Police need more self-awareness and responsibility along with knowledge of the worst case instead of trying to use one thing that can take a life.


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