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@9QZHZ4JConstitution from South Carolina answered…4wks

@9QWH4CKDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…1mo

Yes, eliminate collective bargaining for misconduct, but do not limit collective bargaining entirely, as it is a union's right to bargain.

@Christian-BogganGreen from Kansas answered…2mos

I support collective bargaining, but not in regards to misconduct. Instead. There should be citizen based oversight.

@9QQB7TJDemocratfrom Maine  answered…2mos

Yes, and abolish police unions Yes, and eliminate collective bargaining for police unions

@9QGNZ5DVeteran from Washington answered…2mos

yes, unions representing public sector jobs should not be able to bargain for the taxpayer's money unless the taxpayer votes on it

@9QGHQQMRepublican from Utah answered…2mos

Yes and No. Demilitarized our police but still find a good amount to protect our citizens regardless of race and gender.

@9QGQHVDDemocrat from Florida answered…2mos

Renegotiate contracts to give higher salaries and more benefits but less immunity from prosecution and stricter training and discipline.

@9QGPXGPGreen from Michigan answered…2mos

Yes; each side must be heard as much as the other, both having similar or equal power in the court.

@9QH55G9Republican from Michigan answered…2mos

@9R9N8WCLibertarian from Indiana answered…2wks

Yes, but limit unions only to legal counsel on a case by case basis based on their need of representation of individual officers

@9RLSRGRRepublican from New York answered…1 day

@9RLMG7NConstitution from Mississippi answered…2 days

@9RL29ZBLibertarian from Michigan answered…3 days

Yes. And abolish police unions, NEVER allow the cops to investigate themselves, and actually hold these cops accountable.

@Karla-AspinwallIndependent from Washington answered…3 days

Require body cameras to reduce/eliminate the need of the union for misconduct protection.

@swzissmanWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…4 days

No but make unions responsible for a portion of liability lawsuit payments

@Bryan-ZhuRepublican from Washington answered…2wks

@9RBX6B6Peace and Freedom from Texas answered…2wks

Police Unions are okay but get rid of collective bargaining.

@jdclarIndependentfrom Texas  answered…2wks

No - misconduct that warrants civil or criminal prosecution should be litigated in the courts

@9R8Q7N2Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…2wks

I support the unions collective bargaining power, but there needs to be clarity of the bargaining in order to ensure circumstances to severity, cause and situation - they are held accountable if that is what is needed.

@9R8L5CFPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…2wks

Yes, abolish police unions. Every side must be heard. Although police brutality is still a problem, they are still human and shouldn't be held liable for the misconduct of others.

@9R8GL2YVeteran from Virginia answered…2wks

No, but instructing officers on behavior labeled as misconduct should be greatly increased.

@9R7XKQCPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…2wks

I am not educated enough on the topic to form an opinion yet.

@whopkinsLibertarian from Arizona answered…3wks

Yes, Police are government employees. Any taxpayer supported entity should not be allowed to unionize.

@9R76VJDConstitution from Illinois answered…3wks

The Unions job should be for contract negotiations and to protect the officers from supervision.

@Scott-BeckerRepublican from Florida answered…4wks

Police unions should be held accountable for misconduct of officers they have helped retain

@9RH282KConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

@9RGF7BQLibertarian from New York answered…1wk

Yes, policing is a public service and should be regulated to n all aspect publicly through voting

@9RFZ9WLWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…1wk

Let the unions back their guy, but no bargaining should be needed in a clean, unbiased investigation.

@9RFVZNQConstitutionfrom Guam  answered…1wk

This needs to be a better process but should not be totally eliminated, nor go completely to the other side.

@9R25ZBBRepublican from Georgia answered…4wks

Possibly but Officers need someone in their corner as well as the support of their employer.

@Adamantine_FaultDemocrat from Iowa answered…4wks

Yes, and increase funding and other incentives that officials can offer police unions

@9QYC8P5Veteran from California answered…1mo

The unions should be broken into state by state based, and heads should be locals elected to that spot in the company.


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