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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

@8PFPGTCDemocrat from Florida answered…2yrs

Renegotiate contracts to give higher salaries and more benefits but less immunity from prosecution and stricter training and discipline.

@8PFNWFNGreen from Michigan answered…2yrs

Yes; each side must be heard as much as the other, both having similar or equal power in the court.

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…2 days

NO, but police unions should not be protecting police officers who are racist, inhumane, and have numerous complaints.

 @David-Cooper-KY from Kentucky answered…2 days

If a police officer does something blatantly wrong, numerous times, the union shouldn't be protecting them. They should only be protecting them if the officer is innocent.

@97YRLFW from Minnesota answered…5 days

@97YLK3Y from New Jersey answered…6 days

@97XXBJB from Florida answered…7 days

All I want is for police officers to be honest and doing a quality of service in defense of the safety of everyone. They have a tough job, and should be in a situation where they can do their job without 100% fear of getting fired for making a wrong call.

@97XJFMXIndependent from Florida answered…1wk

@97XGNXW from California answered…1wk

Yes, police unions should have no interference with misconduct cases involving it's officers.

@gklewis83 from Kansas answered…1wk

Yes, police unions should not be able to shield individuals who may have committed misconduct.

@97WFFSF from Mississippi answered…1wk

Yes, police should not be the ones investigating their own misconduct but a separate 3rd party.

@97VPR94 from Michigan answered…2wks

Depends on what the motivation was for the creation of the union and also what they are trying to do with the union

@97T2VTR from Virginia answered…2wks

a officer should have done well over the needed to in order to be held accountable for a negative action done

@97SZ84P from New Mexico answered…2wks

@97SZ2QN from Georgia answered…2wks

The applicants accepted by the academy are subpar, and the force suffers. On top of reorganizing the police, they need to be reformed, reeducated, the quality of applicant mentally and emotionally is more important than physical qualities.

@97SQR2WWrite-In from North Carolina answered…2wks

@97RGTYS from North Carolina answered…2wks

Police unions should not be able to use collective bargaining for cases of misconduct, however if it relates to pay or work conditions they should be allowed to.

@97RCCYGWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2wks

@97Q83WK from Tennessee answered…2wks

No, but ensure that personal liability for misconduct cases is greatly increased

@97PKMZM from Washington D.C. answered…2wks

Police unions are OK. Cities should be vigilant in their negotiations contracts with police unions.

@97PKMZM from Washington D.C. answered…2wks

Police unions are OK. Cities should be vigilant in their negotiations with police unions.

@97NQGYJ from Georgia answered…3wks

Yes, malicious misconduct resulting in the injury, death, or undue hardship of a citizen should be result in equal or increased punishments

@97NCTKJ from Virginia answered…3wks

Yes, officers should take responsibility for their misconduct. It was THEIR misconduct in the first place.

@7F2D886American Solidarity from Florida answered…3wks

Maybe, but not for police unions with a history of corruption or misconduct

@97MWLCM from Nebraska answered…3wks

@97HTKL7 from Texas answered…3wks

Yes, but citizens' groups and judicial authorities should also be involved with power to effect discipline and changes in the policing system

@97LJVRW from California answered…3wks

Yes, police unions protect bad cops too often. Police unions should be abolished altogether.

@97LJ6MB from South Carolina answered…3wks

@97L7LGP from New Jersey answered…3wks

@97L5X7NIndependent from Mississippi answered…3wks

Yes but only if there is proof that they didn't do anything wrong

@97J754C from Texas answered…3wks

@97G3JRQ from Missouri answered…3wks

Any case involving misconduct should be independently investigated by a third party and any punishment should fitting of the crime.

@97F359S from Idaho answered…3wks

@97F32X6 from Michigan answered…3wks

I am confused at this question and will not be answering without further knowledge

@97DRVC8 from Illinois answered…3wks

A third party arbitrator system needs to be establish in order to make sense of situations such as these. Police Unions have too much power in the sense that they are only there to protect officers, not to help the police department get rid of bad officers.

@97D5MPK from Colorado answered…3wks

Police are also citizens and deserve a say just as much as anyone else.

@97D596LPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…3wks

I feel there should be a reform and if an officer shoots a person that should be considered overkill should be arrested and tried like everyone else.


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