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@6WG67LGAmerican Solidarityfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3wks

Cases involving misconduct should be investigated by a neutral, third-party government agency that does not have incentives to either find or not find misconduct.

@9X8WP4FDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…2wks

No, but it should not be available to officers who have received another accusation of misconduct within a 2 year period, and the process for making a misconduct accusation should be online, with instructions posted on the door of each station and the bumper of each marked police vehicle.

@9XFCL5VConstitution from Texas answered…2wks

@9X2G8CYSocialist from Arizona answered…3wks

Yes; collective bargaining related to public misconduct should be prohibited or the union should be held equally accountable when misconduct occurs. Internal misconduct should be open to collective bargaining provided clear limitations and accountability are independently evaluated and enforced particularly for repeated actions, destructive patterns of behavior, and acts that lead to criminal/civil complaints.

@9X2JB4SRepublican from New York answered…3wks

No. All public sector unions should be banned including police, teachers and government workers.

@9WTY4KBDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…4wks

Yes, unions should be present to represent and assure their members are treated fairly and within the bounds of the law, officers are citizens and should be held accountable for their actions just like everyone else.

@9QGQHVDDemocrat from Florida answered…11mos

Renegotiate contracts to give higher salaries and more benefits but less immunity from prosecution and stricter training and discipline.

@9QGPXGPGreen from Michigan answered…11mos

Yes; each side must be heard as much as the other, both having similar or equal power in the court.

@9QGNZ5DVeteran from Washington answered…11mos

yes, unions representing public sector jobs should not be able to bargain for the taxpayer's money unless the taxpayer votes on it

@9QGHQQMRepublican from Utah answered…11mos

Yes and No. Demilitarized our police but still find a good amount to protect our citizens regardless of race and gender.

@9WMVSVWVeteran from Utah answered…1mo

No, police officers should have collective bargaining for their rights and employment-related conditions but utilize the corrective disciplinary process for misconduct

@9VGQ3CDConstitution from Wisconsin answered…4mos

@PerkiLlamaWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…6mos

Limit misconduct cases by ensuring officers are drug tested and evaluating their record history.

@9VMT78FPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…3mos

I'm of the belief that officers should be held accountable for their actions depending on circumstances; I'm not saying you can argue or explain yourself out of being accountable based on many different problems in a situation, but honest mistakes can happen even after serving for years.

@9VLJYZ2Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…3mos

A criminal is a criminal period. Police officers that act and chose to make decisions that criminals make then they’re just as bad and they are no longer a police officer their a criminal. Police officers are no exception to the law.

@9VNRDPDRepublican from West Virginia commented…3mos

You are assuming a fact not in evidence here. You are saying a criminal is a criminal but the situation is not necessarily one in which you clearly have a criminal act on the inspection of one and it's for the courts and juries to decide if there has been a criminal act. The police officer must do all he or she can to protect the innocents that may be near by and that must include the suspected perpetrator him or herself. On the flip side, a dead cop is not likely to be much of a protector if the stuff really hits the fan so he or she must be at liberty to make some life and death decision…  Read more

@9SQ9Q7GLibertarian from Minnesota answered…7mos

@9STWMT9Democrat from California answered…7mos

@LuckyChucky411Democrat from California answered…9mos

This is tough because I do support unions and collective bargaining and do not appreciate the precedent that would be set by cracking down on police unions, that said I believe that police unions are doing irreparable damage to the public safety and the public trust in police institutions by protecting the worst and propping up racist and unjust systems within the police system.

@9QWH4CKDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…10mos

Yes, eliminate collective bargaining for misconduct, but do not limit collective bargaining entirely, as it is a union's right to bargain.

@Christian-BogganGreen from Kansas answered…10mos

I support collective bargaining, but not in regards to misconduct. Instead. There should be citizen based oversight.

@9QQB7TJDemocratfrom Maine  answered…11mos

Yes, and abolish police unions Yes, and eliminate collective bargaining for police unions

@9QH55G9Republican from Michigan answered…11mos

@9RNLF4GIndependent from Georgia answered…9mos

Police unions should not be allowed to collectively bargin

 @Sam-ElaliProgressive from Texas disagreed…9mos

unions should not be allowed to collectively bargin

Unions, whether for police or otherwise, should be allowed to collectively bargain. If you make an exception for one group, you'd have to restrict all. Collective bargaining is the main function of labor unions.

 @Connely2022Working Familyfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…2 days

@9XJS7CFGreen from Kentucky answered…5 days

No, but don't allow them to influence decisions and punishments of misconduct.

@9XJPJKNTranshumanist from Florida answered…5 days

@9XHMZ4DTranshumanistfrom Guam  answered…1wk

Those serving in the police forces must be paid handsomely to make them honestly follow their line of duty and strictly adhere to all laws and regulations and subjected to severe punishments if found flouting rules or involving in misconducts thereby making them to take their job seriously.

@9XHCWRJGreenfrom Texas  answered…1wk

Yes and increase the power of civilian committees to allow the community to recall police personnel

@9XHB6YMGreen from Illinois answered…1wk

No. Always side with law enforcement. Besides, of the officers aren’t morally just, the FED already knew this from day 1.

@9XGT2HYPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1wk

@9XGJLHTDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…1wk

No, but I disagree with using it for cases involving misconduct. I fully support collective bargaining l, however.

@9XFCVY3Constitution from Ohio answered…2wks

Only if police unions are being treated differently than any other public-sector union

@9XFB5XJRepublican from Georgia answered…2wks

@HerTears-14Peace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…2wks

Yes, but only in the case that unions get in the way of liability and obstructing justice


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