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@9RG5L3BDemocrat from New York answered…1wk

No, and there needs to be increased training, more comprehensive psychological assessments, and specialization training for their specific jobs.

@9RD48C8Democratfrom Washington  answered…2wks

educate and train police better to reduce issues ,discipline and accountability on a case by case.

@9RBQLBNVeteran from Mississippi answered…2wks

No, if ignorance of the law is not an excuse for the average citizen, how can it be a defense for someone who is charged with enforcing the laws?

@9RBK2THGreenfrom Maine  answered…2wks

@9R8RT9ZDemocrat from Tennessee answered…2wks

Yes, but only for officers who do not abuse their authority or bad history

@9QV967WConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes, but only for officers that have a clean record of no complaints and provide more training and education for police officers.

@9QS8598Republican from Minnesota answered…2mos

Yes, but only for officers that have had a clean record of no complaints, or a record with complaints that can be disregarded as irrelevant, such as giving someone a ticket lawfully and having a complaint lodged against them.

@9QH55G9Republican from Michigan answered…2mos

Yes, but only for senior officers with zero misconduct record over an entire career

@9QGK6R8Veteran from Florida answered…2mos

Officers should receive more rigorous training, thereby lowering the necessity for such an immunity I would advocate for immunity as long as the officer has a history of serving the public and good evidence of his behalf. However if the officer has overwhelming good evidence against him he should be held accountable for his actions.

@9QGHLGSConstitution from Florida answered…2mos

No police officers are not above the law, they are not immune to its full extent if they commit negligence, or commit illegal and unconstitutional acts under the guise of the blue with premeditated intent.

@Psycho-EM-TommyLibertarian from California answered…2mos

@9QGPXGPGreen from Michigan answered…2mos

Yes; but, only if it is found they are being completely honest.

@9QGNTNJDemocrat from Illinois answered…2mos

@9QGKS58Transhumanist from California answered…2mos

I do not believe so. If you give those who are supposed to protect the community immunity over the law, then they will take advantage of that and do many heinous crimes that no citizen would ever commit on their own.

@9QGN4Y9Democrat from Virginia answered…2mos

It depends because all police aren’t perfect and some people would sue the police just to get money out of them but then again half of the things that police do and say to people most likely wouldn’t happen if they could be sued

@9R9N8WCLibertarian from Indiana answered…2wks

Yes, but only for officers that have a clean record of no complaints and provide more training and education for police officers

@9RKFL24Democrat from Oklahoma answered…3 days

yes, only prior military service members with education, training , clean record and compliance with current laws

@Karla-AspinwallIndependent from Washington answered…3 days

They should be held accountable for their actions. Body cameras should be required for all to provide accurate information.

@Carter4EverGreen from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

Increase personal liability for misconduct, but also increase funding for education and training. At least triple their wage too!

@9RK7XVCRepublican from Ohio answered…4 days

police should have more training for certain situations where there would be the bigger possibility of someone not involved in the police call getting hurt

@9RJLH3KConstitution from North Carolina answered…4 days

No, but increase training and raise salaries to make law enforcement a more competitive job

@9RHD483Republican from Virginia answered…6 days

Yes, and provide increased pay, more training, and education for police officers

@9RH64FZWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…6 days

No, but provide more training and education for police officers.

@9RGD78DDemocrat from California answered…1wk

Yes, as long as they have a clean record of no complaints; otherwise, they should still be held accountable

@9RFZ9WLWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…1wk

The actions of an officer must be fully investigated and dealt with accordingly.

@9RFR4KVDemocrat from Oregon answered…1wk

No. People are convicted all the time for crimes that they didn’t know were illegal. The police are supposed to uphold the law. Their punishment should be higher than the general citizenry.

@9RFRSWXConstitution from Kansas answered…1wk

Yes, but officers with serious complaints/settlement cases should not be able to serve as police officers.

@9RFJMLDTranshumanist from Maryland answered…1wk

No, provide more training and education for police officers.

@9RFJ2CXDemocrat from New Hampshire answered…1wk

@9RFHVF5Veteran from Michigan answered…1wk

police should be held countable for anything they are doing and know it.

@9RF32G4Transhumanist from Indiana answered…1wk

Yes, but background check career history while providing the police academies with more training to prevent altercations

@9RDX5S9Green from California answered…1wk

No, but provide more training and education for police officers

@9RCXXQXIndependent from California answered…2wks

@9RCFLCKVeteran from Michigan answered…2wks

Yes, but only for officers that have a clean record of no complaints, & provide more training & education for officers.

@9RC7M9LConstitution from Oregon answered…2wks

No, I do not support any form of qualified immunity in any law enforcement, military or governmental body. Higher-ups and superiors should be allowed to substitute in place of the subordinate being charged for any form of punishment.

@9RC52J7Independent from Alabama answered…2wks

@jdclarIndependentfrom Texas  answered…2wks

No - it is abused by bad police officers who otherwise would be convicted of a crime

@MikeyChris12Veteran from New York answered…2wks

They need to be trained better before being allowed to work in the field. Any misconduct will result in punishment

@9RB7M4BLibertarian from Kentucky answered…2wks

Yes , but ONLY for police officers , and , have systems in place to revoke it in cases of allegations of extreme misconduct . No other official or government employee should have qualified immunity .

@9R9LPMLWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…2wks

No, but drastically improve use-of-force training resources, and increase training requirements for all law enforcement officers.

@9R9HZM8Libertarian from New York answered…2wks


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