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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

@98WVRFG from New York answered…9hrs

qualified immunity should be available only where the police officers are shown to have acted in good faith

@98WQW2R from Missouri answered…1 day

@98W8G3B from Washington answered…2 days

@98W7CKQ from New York answered…2 days

Yes, and provide more training and education for police officers plus provide more training and education for police officers

@98W76V9 from Michigan answered…2 days

@98VYBRV from Ohio answered…2 days

No, increase the personal liability for misconduct while also providing more training and education for police.

@98VSLZF from Ohio answered…2 days

The personal liability for conduct should be increased as well as providing more education and training to police officers to reduce the occurrence of misconduct.

@98VND7M from Michigan answered…3 days

Case by case basis. Sometimes genuine accidents and unfortunate tragedies do happen. However, sometimes the harm caused far outweighs the oversight. At the least, immunity needs a serious overlook because it is heavily abused as is.

@98VLLKN from Idaho answered…3 days

No, there are countless instances where people have ended up being killed or seriously injured by officers despite said person doing what they were supposed to do. As such, accountability in those cases is crucial. EX: Jack Yantis.

@98VC7DW from Wisconsin answered…3 days

Yes, if it is a clear accident or needed, but if they do it on purpose just to hurt someone, no.

@98V8QS7 from Ohio answered…3 days

@98V8QRT from Ohio answered…3 days

@98V69YK from Ohio answered…4 days

No, but if in a situation a person's rights need to be violated for the safety of the officers and others around then yes I would support qualified immunity

@98TQ7YF from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

No, police officers need to be held accountable for their actions

@98SYQN9 from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

@98SNQJ5 from California answered…1wk

@98SKGB3 from California answered…1wk

@98SGXPM from North Carolina answered…1wk

No, all cops are enforcing the law there for they should know if a cop doesn't know what they are doing is illegal or they do know they should charged just a much as a normal human and if they use the excuse that they are a cop they should be charged more.

@98S9LP7 from North Carolina answered…1wk

Must have a clean record, must have a specified amount of special training and education as well as served for a specified amount of time.

@88ZXZZJ from GU answered…1wk

No, we should provide more training and education for police officers instead

@98S2CDF from Colorado answered…1wk

Yes, but it is dependent on the situation and the officer involved

@98RYR9M from Florida answered…1wk

@98RNLWVRepublican from Oklahoma answered…1wk

@98RN2DPWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…1wk

yes. and provide more training and education for police officers. no, and increase the personal liability for misconduct.

 @Phoinex582 from Minnesota answered…1wk

make every officer carry liability for misconduct and if they are convicted of a crime have it taken out of their pensions

@98QLSMJ from Illinois answered…2wks

i feel like officers should have some immunity because there job is dangerous but there are limits

@98Q4QRP from Illinois answered…2wks

It should be made sure that they are aware of the illegal act and are punished accordingly

@98P4FYC from California answered…2wks

They shouldn’t be allowed that but they should provide proper training and education for them while having no complaints.

@98N7GMB from Virginia answered…2wks

police officers should be fully aware of a situation and be cautious on what people have

@98MX9LX from Indiana answered…2wks

@98MWBQQ from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@98MSYBD from Nevada answered…3wks

no, give them more help when it comes to dealing with certain situations.

@98MMJ67 from Texas answered…3wks

@98MJP24 from Wisconsin answered…3wks

No, the police should always know if what they are doing is illegal or not.

@98M6XRP from New Jersey answered…3wks

No, but provide more training and education for officers to reduce misconduct

@98M6335 from Utah answered…3wks

Yes, but only for minor offenses. With major offenses, there should always be an investigation and then a trial if necessary.


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