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@9XMF6BBWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…3 days

They should not be immune for going to prison if what they did was absolutely unnecessary. They should have more education and training on how to react to certain situations and citizens behaviors.

@9XMF3F9Peace and Freedom from Missouri answered…3 days

I think that we should make the police responsible for their crimes. They should own up to their mistakes they should be aware at all times. People should get justice for when an officer has done wrong.

@9XCT5YGRepublican from North Carolina answered…2wks

once again the answers are too politically aligned. reasonable immunity but not absolute.

@9X9BMTDVeteran from Connecticut answered…2wks

@9X8QSBZDemocrat from Texas answered…2wks

Yes Only When the officer has a credible defense against the accusations

@9X75FL7Socialist from Texas answered…3wks

i think that misconduct should have consequences and that they should provide more training so things like that dont happen

@9X5QBBFRepublican from California answered…3wks

No, but it depends on the case; police should be held accountable for reckless endangerment

@9WB4932Women’s Equality from Arizona answered…1mo

Yes, but only because repealing it would result in never-ending lawsuits against officers

@9W2Q7K9Peace and Freedom from Nebraska answered…2mos

No, increase the personal liability for misconduct, put them on the bench if there is a complaint and then investigate it thoroughly. There should also be more training and education for police officers before they are allowed to become one.

@9X3D69PIndependent from Florida answered…3wks

No, but increase training for police officers so that they treat everyone without discrimination, and have them only use deadly force in life threatening situations.

@9WZJMP3Green from Illinois answered…4wks

@9WWJX3QDemocrat from Washington answered…4wks

No and increase the liability. and mandatory body cams so we can check for sure if they deserve the immunity or not.

@9WS6SDMVeteran from South Carolina answered…4wks

Yes, but only for officers with a clean record and no bona fide complaints.

@9WMVSVWVeteran from Utah answered…1mo

Yes, and provide more training and education for police officers and have a thoroughly investigated process and due process to ensure the protection of the officer and accountability

@9WDK3BCWomen’s Equality from Kansas answered…1mo

@9VZMX7CConstitution from New Jersey answered…2mos

No, and increase the personal liability for misconduct, BECAUSE they MUST also OBEY the same Laws WE DO! (Same for CIVIL OFFICERS/POLITICIANS)

@9VYN3FNConstitution from Arkansas answered…2mos

Yes, but Qualified Immunity as it currently stands provides excessive protection for officers, and needs to be changed.

@9V4M96PLibertarian from Montana answered…5mos

@9VGXWNDDemocrat from Delaware answered…4mos

@9VGX9XCSocialist from North Carolina answered…4mos

Not in its current implementation, but the concept itself is not bad

@9VGQ3CDConstitution from Wisconsin answered…4mos

No, training and education should be increased to prevent these issues.

@RicardoDavisConstitutionfrom Georgia  answered…8mos

Yes, but it should be limited in scope so that it does not allow illegal behavior on the part of police officers

@9QGK6R8Veteran from Florida answered…11mos

Officers should receive more rigorous training, thereby lowering the necessity for such an immunity I would advocate for immunity as long as the officer has a history of serving the public and good evidence of his behalf. However if the officer has overwhelming good evidence against him he should be held accountable for his actions.

@9SWK2QGVeteran from Illinois answered…7mos

this should be on a case by case basis and a good claim in favor of officers that have no complaint record.

@9QGNTNJDemocrat from Illinois answered…11mos

@9QGKS58Transhumanist from California answered…11mos

I do not believe so. If you give those who are supposed to protect the community immunity over the law, then they will take advantage of that and do many heinous crimes that no citizen would ever commit on their own.

@9QGHLGSConstitution from Florida answered…11mos

No police officers are not above the law, they are not immune to its full extent if they commit negligence, or commit illegal and unconstitutional acts under the guise of the blue with premeditated intent.

@Psycho-EM-TommyLibertarian from California answered…11mos

@9QGQYG7Libertarian from Oregon answered…11mos

@9QGPXGPGreen from Michigan answered…11mos

Yes; but, only if it is found they are being completely honest.

@9TX9M4MGreen from Illinois answered…5mos

No, increase the personal liability for misconduct. along with that, we need to provide more training and education for future and current police officers.

@9T9KN9MVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

@9T85DFXAmerican Solidarity from North Carolina answered…6mos

No, they should be provided with more training and education than 6 months.

@9T4Y6PKPeace and Freedomfrom Colorado  answered…6mos

@9TR3WMSLibertarian from Michigan answered…5mos

No, and abolish qualified immunity. Also, provide more training and education for police officers.

@PerkiLlamaWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…6mos

Let the dishonorable police officers expose themselves for the world to judge. Isn't our country a represented democracy?

@9TKRPQXPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…6mos

Yes give the more training but also hold alot more accountable for their misconduct.

@9T43PCKIndependent from Ohio answered…6mos

Yes, but for officers that have a clean record of no complains but still provide more training and education for police officers.

@9SYCXC8Women’s Equality from New Jersey answered…7mos

Yes, but there should sufficient proof of their negligence and need to be under duress at one point.

@9SKTSTCDemocrat from Illinois answered…7mos

@Jackson-HugusRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…9mos


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