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@8NBZ96QGreen  from California commented…2yrs

abortion should be allowed in all situations, it's cruel to force a teenage girl or younger to carry a baby for nine months (or more) and force her to take a maternity leave in fricking high school and missing out on important experiences that may shape her life. i understand that she can give the baby up for adoption after carrying to term but putting a young women through the emotional and no to mention expensive and painful birth just to give something she has created away when it can be gone in a moment depending on how far along she is. i understand that it may be against some people's religious or personal beliefs but if the usa was pro choice you get your choice and i don't think a random women's choice to abort her baby that was unexpected will impact your life at all

@8RSMKN9Republican from North Carolina commented…2yrs

The poor teenage girl you make out would have had to spread her legs to get pregnant in the first place, her fault so she should carry the baby.

@8S7LMDFfrom Maine  commented…2yrs

Why tf can't they just practice safe sex or remain abstinent? Why do you have to conceive just to abort it. What crimes did the baby commit?

@8QVWDD7Democrat from Michigan agreed…2yrs

I don't support abortion usually, however in cases of rape, danger to the mother, or requiring to leave high school it should be allowed.

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