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@8N5QR5RRepublican from Utah commented…2yrs

I totally believe that and I myself has to fix that because I do say blacks. After reading this persons comment I should use it as african american because they should not be called blacks but as their real name because we should be proud to call them african american. They deserve to be recognized as such.

@8M9HLFJ from Arkansas commented…2yrs

auctully he supppots gay and callingsome one black is ok does it make me racist no does onwoing 3 conforedoarte flags foe just my romm make me racist no

@8ML2ZY4  from Indiana commented…2yrs

I believe I have lost brain cells trying to comprehend what that sentence said. On the other hand I also believe that owning a confederate flag does make you racist. Another also, if Trump stays in office with Amy Coney Barret then us in the LGBTQ will loose our rights for adoption, marriage, healthcare, and doing military service.

@96FDL42  from Missouri commented…4mos

@8PRSDMFRepublican from Texas commented…2yrs

are you black? if you arent, then stop getting offended for another race if you are, good for u

@8QVWDD7Democrat from Michigan disagreed…2yrs

I'm not black, and I don't get offended for them, I make statements when something is racist or unjust.

@8PRSDMFRepublican from Texas commented…2yrs

yes that's the thing nothing is racist or unjust about this you [) ick head

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