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@8QVWDD7Democrat from Michigan corrected…2yrs

Some people can't / don't want to wait during their pregnancy.

@997QT5R from Texas commented…4mos

@8TTNK7F from Pennsylvania commented…2yrs

I don't care. You can want in one hand and crap in the other, see which gets filled first. If the woman gets pregnant there are two things that could've happened. A. The woman or man did not use protection in intercourse and got pregnant. This is the majority case and it is both adults fault. They made their bed now they have to sleep in it. B. The woman was raped. This one is more understanding for and abortion, but I still don't think they should abort. There are some cases where women have raped men and gotten pregnant. You just need to look at the situation, see evidence provided, get a DNA Test, and place custody in the system.

@KodaGwoodLibertarian from Texas disagreed…11mos

"There is something called adoption"? Alot of people only care about the baby while it is still in the womb.

Even with the low bar to adopt or become a foster parent there is not alot of people signing up to do it - Someone who had their fair share of foster/group homes.

Furthermore there is the data that was popularized by Freakanomics on how abortion was a top reason for the crime of the 70's disappearing, as you didn't have these 'Lil Yummies: running around. 

@8QQK3C6 from Michigan commented…2yrs

adoption is not an option for everyone 

@8SMHCT5Republican from New York commented…2yrs

no way dude, it's not like there isn't somebody who can adopt

@8RS3MVX from Illinois commented…2yrs

Oh, yea 100% theres so many adoption options, now that LGBT as gone up. I prefer the child to be with a mother and father but its better then being killed  


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