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 @988N26R from Oklahoma commented…10mos10MO

Folks like AOC are the future. President or not, she is the type of person I want in leadership.

  @TruthHurts101 from Washington disagreed…4mos4MO

If AOC is the future, then the future is a dark, dark place indeed! She's is a moron!

 @9D28G4LIndependent from Texas commented…2mos2MO

and you have absolutely nothing to offer in response, and lack the initiative to do anything about it.

 @97J47L6Socialist from Illinois agreed…11mos11MO

I feel like AOC is the best representation of young voters in the US. She is the best candidate to carry the momentum of Bernie Sanders while having the youth we need in the WH.

 @9FB7RJR from Wisconsin disagreed…2wks2W

She has good moments, but I still remember when she accused the Force theVote crowd as "being violent" when only words were being exchanged. Young voters have proven themselves to have more sense and more spine than that.


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