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@9NTZVYVTranshumanist from Virginia answered…6mos

No, the government should allow states to make the decision based on infection rates

@9N5FBHFLibertarian from New Jersey answered…6mos

govt doesn’t have to right to tell people how to live their lives. Business can choose to not let them in and let people naturally choose to wear the mask

@Abigail-Hertzber…Women’s Equality from Texas agreed…4wks

No, we should let the virus naturally run its course

Absolutely. This is against the Constitution. The government works for "We the People." Businesses shouldn't deny admission either.

@9MZHWZSIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

A statement of wear a mask. President WEARS a mask and leads. Build teamwork with propagation of positive ads all fighting against CoVID by giving a damn about your neighbor

@9NNZVBPGreen from North Carolina answered…6mos

Masks don't do jack squat! It's a set up from the US government that's lying to the public and setting up for the NWO as a source of control! They're blocking our Bill of Rights which is meant to protect the US citizens from governmental officials. Last time I remember, it was "We, the people" not "We, the government"

 @Lola3NPBLibertarian  from California agreed…6mos


In order to prevent heart disease the government doesn't ban the consumption of sugar and fast food.

Heart disease kills 500K + people per year.

@9MJH4XSSocialist from Massachusetts answered…6mos

the coronavirus isnt real and should tell the truth to the people

@9TLLJTCSocialist from Oregon disagreed…1wk

Yes, but only indoors or crowded areas

I know people who've gotten the virus. It is very real. Your opinion is embarrassingly unscientific.

 Deleted commented…2mos

Oh it's real alright, both of my parents had it and they got it early in the pandemic, and my grandparents got it and all of them knew that it wasn't the cold or the flu, because it doesn't usually make your sinuses dry and make you cough violently. But you're right about the government not being honest. The thing is that they're using the pandemic not only to control the masses but also to control the outcome of the election as well.

@9MHPYTCConstitution from Georgia answered…6mos

No, they should require all businesses to have hand washing stations throughout the store. An not allowed those who have a cough or fever into a business.

@9MFNXJ8Democrat from Florida answered…6mos

Yes, but only in spaces where social distancing is impossible.

@9MFMZC7Democrat from New Jersey answered…6mos

In most situations, yes. However, if someone is engaging in physical activity, then not necessarily.

@9MDWP35Women’s Equality from North Dakota answered…6mos

Each state should have its own regulations upon that based on their case numbers. The states in high numbers and high death rate, yes should mandate them in public everywhere.

@9MDPVXKConstitution from Minnesota answered…6mos

You should were a mask if you are experiencing symptoms of a sickness.

@Nicole-SchnableRepublican from New York answered…6mos

For private businesses, they should let the private businesses decide whether to enforce masks. However, the government should enforce masks in non-social distancing situations and grounds they are responsible for. Masks should not have been such a political issue.

@9MDF8H4Working Family from Missouri answered…6mos

if someone has a bad immune system then they should wear one, but it should be up to us (the people) if they want to wear one or not.

@9MDCVZTAmerican Solidarity from Florida answered…6mos

Yes, but only in crowded areas like a city, other than that there is no use since the virus is small enough to travel through the fabric. But i recommend it.

@9MDBKC3Working Family from Indiana answered…6mos

no it has been proven it does not stop you from getting it it just helps you not spread it an dif you have it there is no need for you to leave your house so there is no point

@9MD9PYLWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…6mos

Yes, but the rules of the mask mandate should be determined by states.

@9MD46DHWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…6mos

It should depend on local government for a given area not federal government. Larger cities are at more risk than cities with smaller population.

@9MC68NVTranshumanist from Washington answered…6mos

It should be up to individuals and independent/non governmental institutions to follow and enforce these rules.

@9MBYTTMAmerican Solidarity from Arizona answered…6mos

No, this should be up to each state or local government depending on spread in that area

@9MBWZBMPeace and Freedom from Oregon answered…6mos

No, less people have died from just COVID a year than the flu.

@9MBVRKDRepublican from Illinois answered…6mos

@9MBTN89Constitution from Virginia answered…6mos

No the Federal Government shouldn't, but the States should be able to and allowed to enforce it if they feel it will help their state combat the virus.

@9M7QKL8Republican from Louisiana answered…6mos

If citizens are required then so should the government. If we don't have too then they shouldn't. It should be by choice one COVID has dialed down like it already has.

@9MBH42FLibertarian from Nebraska answered…6mos

The government should stay out of our choices but the choice to wear a mask should be to wear one

@9MBGX4KVeteran from Michigan answered…6mos

Leave it up to individual states to make mask wearing mandatory .

@9MB6SN4American Solidarityfrom Ohio  answered…6mos

@9MB9BVDGreen from Wyoming answered…6mos

States should have the ability to enact mask mandates if they deem it fit for their community.

@9MB6YVPWomen’s Equality from New Mexico answered…6mos

Yes, and be given a fine if they don't because they are endangering those around them

@9MB56PTLibertarian from California answered…6mos

No, but businesses should have the option to require masks and governments should be able to recommend the use of masks.

@9M9ZSHFVeteran from Missouri answered…6mos

@9M9XV5VPeace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…6mos

Yes, it is similar to requiring people to wear seatbelts. It is for their safety.

@9M9N98WVeteran from Utah answered…6mos

No, this is an issue that should be handled at the local level, according to the severity of a virus in a particular area

@9M84YF9Women’s Equality from Tennessee answered…6mos

Yes, but only if someone is sick or hasn't gotten test results back


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