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@5ZB8RPFDemocratfrom New York  answered…3mos

No, America doesn't have an official language. If you move to Sweden is it required to learn Swedish? No, it's just suggested

@6B3Q7M7Republicanfrom Texas  answered…3mos

Do you think if you moved to Mexico the Mexican government is going to teach public school classes in English or Vietnamese or Sri Lankan? If you want to live in the USA you must assimilate and learn the English language. How on earth can an immigrant contribute to our society if he is not able to read our road signs?

@9MVX5QPWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…3mos

alot of them do already learn english and this is an ignorant question

@5Z958TVIndependentfrom Michigan  answered…3mos

No, but schools, hospitals, government services, etc. should not be required to provide translation services; with the exception of those immigrants who have, or plan to have children - they should be required to learn English and teach it to their children, who will be required to attend American schools.

@9RL9WV2Working Family from Virginia answered…2 days

@9RK7JWVDemocrat from New York answered…4 days

No, there is no official language in the United States and insisting people learning English is bigoted.

@9JBSGRQVeteran from Tennessee answered…3mos

Yes, but I also believe most Americans should at least try to learn another language.

@9J7HDXPPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

@9J7BGHZProgressive from Virginia answered…3mos

No, but encourage them to learn the primary language of the country. Provide resources.

@9HYCJSMWomen’s Equality from Washington D.C. answered…3mos

@9HX7YWHGreen from California answered…3mos

It should be encouraged, and the government should provide resources for doing so, but not necessarily required.

@9HX3KHRWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…3mos

Yes, they should at some point understand English if coming to live in the US

@9HX3GLFDemocrat from Texas answered…3mos

@9HVR5NVGreen from Maryland answered…3mos

No, but offer services that allow them to learn English at no cost.

@9HJZKK2Democrat from Nevada answered…3mos

No, but they should have access to courses to help them learn English if they choose to.

@Nathan-Vanderwei…Libertarian from Michigan answered…3mos

@9HFHRR2Veteran from Texas answered…3mos

Free language options should be offered to all. Citizens and immigrants

@9HDBZD9Republican from Connecticut answered…3mos

no that is the persons choice the government should never infringe that right

@9HD9F25Women’s Equality from Nevada answered…3mos

Yes, in the same regard, I believe that all Americans should be placed in a second language from the onset of school, all the way through HS graduation.

@9H33S77Veteran from New Jersey answered…3mos

One should be have a basic understanding of the language should they decide to immigrate.

@Christy-Dawn-Sny…Libertarian from Indiana answered…3mos

Yes but the government should help them find language learning courses

@9GW8N9XWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…3mos

@9GSKJNSWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…3mos

Yes, but only basic knowledge of english so they can get by.

@9GV59BKVeteran from Kansas answered…3mos

@9GS7YNPWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…3mos

It shouldn't be required, but heavily recommended and if they take it up, there should be free language learning courses.

@9GNX7PFVeteran from Connecticut answered…3mos

@Sopedjj-HDemocrat from Arizona answered…3mos

No, it should not be required but have the option available to those who want to learn English.

@9F8LX88Greenfrom Maine  answered…3mos

They should be required to learn English or another language traditionally spoken in the U.S. (like Navajo or Louisiana French).

@9RF7YJHRepublican from Colorado answered…1wk

@9RC78MMDemocrat from California answered…2wks

No, however the government should offer them free language learning courses in the instance that they do want to learn.

 @9R88R5LTranshumanist from Nevada answered…2wks

No, but learning English should be encouraged and will help them greatly in practice.

@9R6DYKLIndependent from Nevada answered…3wks

Immigrants (going to any country) should have a basic understanding of the country's language. If you go to France, you will need French, so if you come to the US, you will probably need English)

@9R67LLKGreen from Idaho answered…3wks

No, but no special protections should be afforded immigrants based solely on an inability to communicate with English-speaking citizens.

@9R2CNSWConstitution from Washington answered…3wks

Yes, it is a required skill to be able to apply for citizenship, or establish residency.

@9QXZ4Y8Republican from Arizona answered…1mo

Make English the National Language of the US and have it taught in all public and private schools.

@9QWS3JZGreen from Illinois answered…1mo

Keep it to personal choice, provide free lessons, and interpreters

@9QSK3HKPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…2mos

yes for benefits in understanding what people are saying, that doesn't mean they SHOULD talk in english, only when its necessary.

@9QRS6Z4Peace and Freedom from Arizona answered…2mos

No, but we should provide language learning courses that are easily accessible.

@9QQNZ2QVeteran from Colorado answered…2mos

No, however, our country is predominately English based, so it would behoove them to learn English. I used to lived in Taiwan, and I learned Mandarin to survive there and show respect to others.

@9QMBM9SRepublican from Michigan answered…2mos

@9QJRDLSCiudadanosfrom Iowa  answered…2mos

i feel as if you go to a Spanish speaking country, you should want to learn the language, but if you dont want to, you shouldn't be forced to.


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