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@6B3Q7M7Republicanfrom Texas  answered…12mos

Do you think if you moved to Mexico the Mexican government is going to teach public school classes in English or Vietnamese or Sri Lankan? If you want to live in the USA you must assimilate and learn the English language. How on earth can an immigrant contribute to our society if he is not able to read our road signs?

@9XM7SSKDemocrat from South Carolina answered…3 days

It should be left up to specific and individual companies and organizations. If they do require it, they should also offer cheap or free language learning courses.

@9XLQZ46Democrat from New York answered…3 days

@9XJNFGRWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…5 days

Yes, if English is made the federal official language, but no, if no official language is declared. If not official language is declared, then the most commonly spoken language per locality should be accommodated with appropriate signage, forms, announcements, etc., and emphasis should be placed on multi-lingual education.

@9XGBR2YWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1wk

no but it should be encouraged and the government should provide free language learning courses.

@9X9PJPZWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…2wks

No, but give a translation device to help curb the language barrier.

@ainsleyalexanderRepublican from Virginia answered…3wks

I don't think that they need to be fluent, but I think that they should be able to carry on a conversation and say the pledge of allegiance.

@9X5PPQ7Greenfrom Maryland  answered…3wks

@9H33S77Veteran from New Jersey answered…1yr

One should be have a basic understanding of the language should they decide to immigrate.

@Christy-Dawn-Sny…Libertarian from Indiana answered…1yr

Yes but the government should help them find language learning courses

@9GW8N9XWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…1yr

@9GSKJNSWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…1yr

Yes, but only basic knowledge of english so they can get by.

@9GV59BKVeteran from Kansas answered…1yr

@9GS7YNPWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…1yr

It shouldn't be required, but heavily recommended and if they take it up, there should be free language learning courses.

@9GS64DWWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…1yr

It depends on if they they know how to speak English or not

@9GS4VXBIndependent from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, and the United States should adopt English as the national language.

@9GQW969Independent from Florida answered…1yr

I feel like that is that person's individual business. The issue with this centers around the idea that the government is playing "dad" or "mom" and trying to do what is best for you. It is helpful for immigrants to speak English BECAUSE of how ignorant other people can be and the fact that everything is in English here.

@9GQRS3LDemocrat from Missouri answered…1yr

Yes but provide free language courses for all languages;English, foreign, and sign language.

@9GQKHRQDemocrat from Illinois answered…1yr

No, but if the government ever actually makes English the national language then sure

@9GQ4MJDWorking Family from Missouri answered…1yr

No, we should embrace the diversity that immigrants add to our country. However, as English is the U.S's primary language, the government should provide free language training courses upon request.

@9GPYJCNSocialist from West Virginia answered…1yr

Yes, and the government should provide free courses. However, we should encourage multilingual diversity in our country. Therefore, immigrants should not be subjected to methods that would force them to denounce their mother tongue.

@9GPV5C9Libertarian from Arizona answered…1yr

No, but when I’m in another country, I try my best to learn phrases. It is important for me that wherever you come from, you should feel safe to celebrate your culture and use your language.

@9GPDRD7Republican from New Jersey answered…1yr

No, they should not be required to learn english. They should try though if they come to our schools otherwise it will be hard for them and teachers. They should have to be able to speak or at least understand some english. Not be forced to learn english though

@9GP92HSWorking Family from Oklahoma answered…1yr

Yes, but they have to figure out a way to learn it oh there own.

@9GNX7PFVeteran from Connecticut answered…1yr

@9GNVNG3Veteran from Georgia answered…1yr

No, but Make English the official language of the US, set a standard.

@9GMHY8GLibertarian from Florida answered…1yr

If they come in legally, give them free English learning courses. If they come in illegally, they do not get the courses for free. Don't offer free things to those who did not follow our laws!

@9GM9Z69Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1yr

I think free language classes should be available, but not required

@9GM4MMJ from Washington answered…1yr

No, but if they want to then the government should provide free language learning courses.

@9GLVS2YWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…1yr

They don't have to learn English if they don't want to, but they should be encouraged to.

@9GKYDGTWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…1yr

I feel like they should for sure embrace their diversity, native language, and heritage, but it'd be nice to learn some basic English. Keep your native language as your number one speaking/reading language, but have some English learned so you can understand things easily. I think the government should provide free learning courses when they get in the country so they don't have to stress about paying for the most basic necessity.

@9GKDVYCRepublican from Louisiana answered…1yr

Not required however strongly encouraged to assimilate well

@9GGKFPBWorking Family from New York answered…1yr

No, but if you run for issues along the line, DONT ASK ME TO FIX IT FOR YOU!!!

@9GG4F3CRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No, but businesses should not be expected to hire someone that does not speak the majority language of the company.

@9GFS6GBPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…1yr

@9GFKSXCPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…1yr

No, there is no national language in the U.S. so how does that even make sense?

@9GF96KGConstitution from Ohio answered…1yr

@Laura-Hartman-Na…Peace and Freedom from California answered…1yr

No, but I think we need to offer them free English classes to help

@MeganldVeteran from Tennessee answered…1yr

Yes, but only a very basic English test, but citizen tests should be available in their home language.

@9FYJK3HLibertarian from California answered…1yr

Yes. The US should embrace the diversity in language as well

@9FNBGGZLibertarian from Illinois answered…1yr

NO, we should embrace diversity that immigrants add to our country AND we should provide free language learning courses.

@9FM6YNDPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…1yr

No, but better support immigrants when they arrive in communities to help them acclimate

@9FLVSDJDemocrat from Georgia answered…1yr

NO but if they want to learn another language there should be cheaper classes for it


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