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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...3yrs


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If Democrats control YouTube, they can censor all Republican ads.

If Republicans control YouTube, they could censor all Democrat ads.

@8G86QHM from Arizona answered…2yrs

@98WQW2R from Missouri answered…5hrs

Private companies are free to make their own decision regarding political advertising

@98W86GY from Missouri answered…1 day

No, but political advertising should be funded by the government to ensure equal coverage of candidates on normal election times so one candidate can focus on debates rather than smothering their opponents with over coverage.

@98W4MGVRepublican from Wisconsin answered…1 day

@98VSH78from Guam  answered…2 days

No, but it depends on the content of the advertisement. Social media companies should make sure there are no discriminatory, offensive, violent, brutal, and dishonest advertisements airing on their platforms.

@98VND7M from Michigan answered…2 days

No, but ban untruthful and slanderous ads. People should be allowed to advertise without attacking opponents and by using their factual merits.

@98VN5KP from Massachusetts answered…2 days

@98TXB33 from Wisconsin answered…3 days

@98TXTY9 from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

That’s up to them. We need to educate our citizens on the dangers of fake news but ultimately it’s on the companies.

@98TSVP9 from Massachusetts answered…3 days

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@98T6HVF from Iowa answered…5 days

@98T647H from Michigan answered…5 days

@98T3SCN from Ohio answered…5 days

@98SRY34Independent from Tennessee answered…6 days

No, unless its perpetuating violence and obvious false information

@98SR4SWLibertarian from Ohio answered…6 days

@98SN5WP from Arizona answered…7 days

No, but false news or information will be tracked and taken down.

@drexodileIndependent from Arizona answered…1wk

No, but regulate the amount of money spent on political advertising instead

@98S4ZQV from Alabama answered…1wk

I think we need to decide what we consider political advertising online first. Maybe?

@98RYS4C from Arizona answered…1wk

No; however, it also depends on how extreme the political advertising is and if it can lead to certain extremes seen by society.

@98RV77HLibertarian from Texas answered…1wk

@98RTDVY from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Yes if the political advertising is false. No some candidates rely on social media to advertise.

 @Phoinex582 from Minnesota answered…1wk

limited political advertising and be fact check before the ads go lives.

@98QJGN2Peace and Freedom from Indiana answered…1wk

Yes, but only if they are way too much or don't get the message across well.

@98Q2BWZ from California answered…2wks

It's up to the private company to decide what they choose to ban or allow on their service

@98PYSGNfrom Virgin Islands  answered…2wks

No, but social media companies should regulate the content produced for political advertising.

@98PDDCJ from New York answered…2wks

No, but limit it somewhat, as it seems to be plastered everywhere during election time.

@98PCR5Z from Illinois answered…2wks

@98MRX7W from South Carolina answered…2wks

@98MR8PK from Illinois answered…2wks

@98MLLQH from North Carolina answered…2wks

No, people should be allowed to advertise their campaign, but you should have the option to turn off political ads.

@98MDLNK from Indiana answered…2wks

No, however they should not allow comments or ads that are hurtful to other parties.

@98M9XZJ from Indiana answered…3wks

@drexodileIndependent from Arizona answered…3wks

No, regulate the amount of money spent on political advertising instead

@98M6NPH from Utah answered…3wks

No, no group should be allowed to limit what a person sees, whether by direct act or algorithms.

@98M33SY from New York answered…3wks

@98M2XDP from Texas answered…3wks


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