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@9GHSPGMTranshumanist from Maryland answered…3mos

Yes, but offer free life skill options or tech school as an alternative for minors.

@9GN2WXDDemocrat from Virginia answered…3mos

Yes, and I'd like to see more funding and support put into interventions as I see truancy as a social services issue, not a crime

@9GL4NB5Veteran from Florida answered…3mos

It shouldn't be jail time for the parents if the kids are giving them a hard time. Not only that, but when school systems are paying attention to attendance they tend to notice absence of children being abused at home. The schools shouldn't make it criminal for the parents because 10 absences at my high school was a truancy. Kids have doctor's and sick days not covered by insurance. Kids need mental health days and sometimes just need a day off.

@9GHLTRYWorking Family from Ohio answered…3mos

Truant students should not recieve jail time, but fines and other punishment are suitable.

@9GFPWVTDemocrat from Colorado answered…3mos

No but each truancy case should be looked at individually and parents should not get jail time or fined if it is not their fault

@9G62DJDVeteran from Texas answered…3mos

Sometimes the kid learns more out of school than in school, but truancy is still bad.

@9G5JFPWWomen’s Equality from California answered…3mos

Yes, unless the student has committed other crimes along with the truancy, the discipline should be up to the school system itself.

@9G3RK2DWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…3mos

I think so, I think that it should be encouraged that children become educated and make it a positive learning environment. Give the kids a reason to want to be there and give them a better understanding of why education is so important and what can happen to you when you are uneducated. Show them real life examples so they can see for themselves.

Also I think the educational programs need to be improved, show them real life situations where they will need to actually apply what they’re learning at school in their everyday life.

@9G3HPM9Independent from Indiana answered…3mos

Yes, but put in place support for defiant children and not just blame the parents

@9FZTKTMRepublican from Idaho answered…3mos

Yes, students who refuse to learn should not be required to do so, though the consequences of that failure should be made clear to both student and parents.

@9FZDZX2Democrat from New York answered…3mos

@9FWM5TSIndependent from North Carolina answered…3mos

@9FNLDSHVeteran from California answered…3mos

Yes, but there should be programs to deal with this better as to penalize the parent and figure out better solutions but for law enforcement to get involved it's too much.

@9PQNKC4Women’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…3mos

@9RGF8KHLibertarian from Georgia answered…1wk

It should entirely depend on the circumstance and reason behind truancy.

@9RCSPC8Democrat from Minnesota answered…2wks

Yes school truancy should not be a charge in the first place.

@9R9LP2NWomen’s Equality from Colorado answered…2wks

Yes, but only if they teach nonsense like gender studies to young kids. Male and female are the only real genders

@9PLZVVMDemocrat from North Carolina answered…3mos

@9PGTR59Transhumanist from Oklahoma answered…3mos

No, the decision should be left to the states or local districts.

@9PG6DNKPeace and Freedom from New York answered…3mos

@9PCS7V7Progressive from Texas answered…3mos

Yes but children should still be required toattend school with a non criminal consequence for skipping

@9PGFCX5Women’s Equality from California answered…3mos

It depends on the grades that the demographics are in; e.g. high school students should have a right to opt out of school

@9PDR8DNTranshumanist from North Carolina answered…3mos

This should be on a situation basis. Is it the parents fault or the childs.

@9PCGPHVRepublican from Missouri answered…3mos

I believe that certain situations should be handled differently.

@9P8R957Women’s Equality from Nebraska answered…3mos

@9P8BHF9Republican from Georgia answered…3mos

@9P6TS3LWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…3mos

no, but have an investigation into why truancy is happening in certain students.

@9P3MTYCDemocrat from Michigan answered…3mos

Yes, but implement programs to discourage excessive absences

@9NZC93BLibertarian from Tennessee answered…3mos

No, but more needs to be done to see why children are not going to school. We have left a children to fend for themselves against their families and community’s that are negligent.

@9NZ5N2YWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…3mos

There are too many dynamics to make a solid black and white decision. Family counselors should become involved with parents when truancy is an issue, with the goal to assure the child’s safety, well being and healthy learning environment.

@9NZ4C4DWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…3mos

@9NYNLKTWomen’s Equality from Kansas answered…3mos

@9NYF8QKRepublican from Rhode Island answered…3mos

It should be up to the individual school district to determine the appropriate consequence.

@9NXRPKYWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…3mos

@9NWJCL4Women’s Equality from Nebraska answered…3mos

@9NVZFYPVeteran from Florida answered…3mos

There should be criminalization if the parents refuse to get their children to school.

@9NRXVPPDemocrat from Florida answered…3mos

This question really depends on the situation of the family and should be delt with individually case by case. It depends on the circumstances of why the individual is out of school. If there is no reason for it besides not wanting to be there then it should be criminalized if not then no.

@9NLHQWTIndependent from South Carolina answered…3mos

@9NNVP8BGreen from Mississippi answered…3mos

Each truancy case needs to be evaluated based on the child's needs and a plan developed for that child to receive education.

@9NN6Z6DWomen’s Equality from New York answered…3mos

@9NMKJNYWorking Family from Connecticut answered…3mos

Can’t apply to parents who have tried through many Avenues to get their children to attend school.


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