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@64KGJVDDemocratfrom Massachusetts  answered…3mos

It is hard to deny anyone an education; the real answer should be to minimize or eliminate tuition all together.

@9RM4WP8Libertarian from Ohio answered…14hrs

No, this should be a private transaction between consumer and merchant.

@9RLFWDFTranshumanist from Oklahoma answered…2 days

@9RKZ23KTranshumanist from Tennessee answered…3 days

@9PDCS8XWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…3mos

Ithey should be able to have money to get a job to help get through the immigration process

@9PD87RZWorking Family from Maryland answered…3mos

@9PD4VKLAmerican Solidarity from Oklahoma answered…3mos

i say yes if you can see they are serious about what they say and how they want abetter life

@9PCWFXHWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…3mos

if i understand this correctly, i tink if they become a better person others should give them a chance to live better

@9PCV4H4Working Family from Alabama answered…3mos

@9PCNM8XWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

They should have to apply for citizenship; as long as they have an application at least in progress and are working toward citizenship, they should be offered the same tuition rates as others within that state.

@9PCKWR5Peace and Freedom from West Virginia answered…3mos

no,we all should pay the say just to get into a college they want

@9PC9MRTRepublican from Minnesota answered…3mos

@9P93VTJIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

@9P8TRQ5Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…3mos

illegal immigrants should be given citizenship, then given in-state tuition

@9P8SBSQWomen’s Equality from New York answered…3mos

They should become legal immigrants in order to receive these benefits

@9P8L48BDemocrat from Florida answered…3mos

lllegal Immigrants should become Citizens before attending College.

@9P8CRGJWomen’s Equality from Iowa answered…3mos

If they need help with money and are an American citizen paying taxes, then yes.

@9P7Y5V2Write-In from Delaware answered…3mos

I feel if they are accepted, they should receive a temporary green card for education; after that, they should apply for a citizenship. If their grades be good enough, they should be eligible for a scholarship.

@9P7GSSBDemocrat from Michigan answered…3mos

Most people who are illegal immigrants are escaping from things that harm them in there countries so we should welcome them with open arms and the immigration process should be done faster and more efficient.

@9P6KVR8Women’s Equality from Kansas answered…3mos

@9P5R8J8Women’s Equality from Tennessee answered…3mos

Should be determined on a case by case basis. Why wouldn't we want someone to better themselves, if they are going to be here?

@9P59X7ZWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…3mos

Depends on their reason for coming like are they seeking refuge , maybe they just want a better life in America .

@9P55C38Democrat from Arizona answered…3mos

@9P4WRYPRepublican from Alabama answered…3mos

They should have to be forced to become a citizen or leave before any of this can occur. They aren't citizens of this country until they earn it. I hate to be rude but being illegal doesn't grant you equal rights to others.

@9P4WG8TWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…3mos

All depends how many years they have lived here. If they are attempting to become a citizen & criminal background

@9P4Q56TTranshumanist from Georgia answered…3mos

No, and they should not be allowed to attend college if illegal.

@9P4KXQFWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…3mos

I think it should depend on how long they have lived in the state and country die

@9P4DVRPPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…3mos

Yes, but before, make sure that they can get legal citizenship

@9P49H77Working Family from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

@9P3P2FZRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

@9P32458Independent from North Carolina answered…3mos

Yes, and be eligible for scholarships but not financial assistance

@9P2NSW3Democratfrom Maine  answered…3mos

They should only get the option when they've received their permanent residence status

@9P2KTXLAmerican Solidarity from Georgia answered…3mos

Yes, If they can legally study here, and have been here for the same amount of time as another person has and established residency

@9NZWQWBVeteran from Texas answered…3mos

No and deny eligibility for financial assistance and scholarship opportunities

@9NZ7VYFLibertarian from Alabama answered…3mos

No, not unless they are in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.

@9NYXFLKDemocrat from Utah answered…3mos

Yes, but the United States needs to develop stronger pathways for Immigrants to obtain citizenship

@9NY84H9Democrat from Texas answered…3mos

i think that they should just get a back ground check and then pay taxes just like everyone else and then yes

@9NX6HFBWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…3mos

@9NX6CTHTranshumanist from Alabama answered…3mos

No, and illegal immigrants should be required to be naturalized before acceptance to US colleges

@9NVTKYTWomen’s Equality from New York answered…3mos

@9NVDCCYPeace and Freedom from South Dakota answered…3mos

Yes, and they should also be eligible for financial assistance and scholarships, similar to out of state students

@9NTG9RBDemocrat from Rhode Island answered…3mos


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