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@87V5TYYRepublican from Connecticut answered…6mos

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…1yr

Yes, but the total withdrawal of our military troops should be done gradually over a two-year period

@8Y5Z799Republican from Nevada answered…1yr

@8Y5V35M from Texas answered…1yr

Yes but leave small groups of operatives behind to ensure a stable transition of power and prevent Taliban control.

@8Y5THJN from North Carolina answered…1yr

Yes, but only after we evacuate any citizen, both Americans and Afghans, who don’t wish to remain

@8Y5RT7D from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

President Trump's plan was sound and solid. Biden messed this up big time. 13 Marines died because of Biden's ignorance.

@8Y5NSBRDemocrat from California answered…1yr

We should have developed a relationship with the Pashtun, restrained India, and warmed up to the ISI and Pakistani State. Long term goal would to be ensure Russia or China could not exploit a relationship with the Taliban and utilize a geopolitical strategy in the region.

@8Y5N8LJRepublican from Massachusetts answered…1yr

Yes, but much more carefully and gradually, and after all US citizens leave the country.

@8Y5H8CP from Massachusetts answered…1yr

@8Y58S6H from New York answered…1yr

No, but pull out most troops and leave some for humanitarian aid and basic protection

@8Y56FMS from Minnesota answered…1yr

@8Y4WQ3X from Connecticut answered…1yr

Yes, they should pull all military forces, assets and equipment out of Afghanistan, but also disallow the activity of PMC companies and their own assets and employees. Most of our actions in the middle east are performed via PMCs anyway for plausible deniability, so simply removing official US troops will not solve the problem at all. The PMCs need to go and be barred from activity in that region.

@8Y4DN97 from Georgia answered…1yr

@8Y4D42Y from Utah answered…1yr

Yes, but do so in a controlled manner that will protect all citizens and military there.

@8Y433GB from Washington answered…1yr

Yes, but not the way it was done, leaving so many Americans and those who supported America behind.

 Deleted answered…1yr

Yes, but it needs an actual plan to get out, by implementing a better exit strategy without hurting allies and people that relied on us during that time.

@powertrial from Illinois answered…1yr

@8Y3P6N5from Maine  answered…1yr

Yes, but not the way Biden did. They shoyld stick to Trump's original plan instead.

@8Y3JTXY from Michigan answered…1yr

Yes but equip Afghan people to fight and have a strategic withdrawl.

@8Y3GBB5 from Utah answered…1yr

@mlsline from New York answered…1yr

No, USA should have followed Trump's plan and left a small advisory force, retained Bagram, & evacuated people while maintaining control. Biden has created a humanitarian, financial, & military disaster.

@8Y2VD95 from Wisconsin answered…1yr

@8Y2SYFWNatural Lawfrom New York  answered…1yr

@8Y2SD2D from Kentucky answered…1yr

Yes, and our military should conduct targeted missile strikes and drone strikes in Afghanistan in oder to kill our enemies.

@8Y2S6D2 from New York answered…1yr

Yes, a country who seeks aid but refuses to fight for themselves is undeserving of support. It's about having the will to fight and resist their suppressors

@8Y2RQY5from Maine  answered…1yr

Yes, but keep a peacekeeping force there to ensure the Taliban don't come out of hiding and take over the nation in less than a month, oh hang on. that is exactly what happened right?

@8Y2PZNR from Missouri answered…1yr

No, the US should put more troops into Afghanistan to wipe out the Taliban, Al-Queda, and ISIS as well as other national threats

@8Y2P952 from New Jersey answered…1yr

@8Y2HJ4BRepublican from Missouri answered…1yr

Yes, but we should do so strategically, and inform our allies of our motives.

@8Y2GWPFfrom Maine  answered…1yr

demolish iran,iraq,syria,china, north korea ,south korea , Vietnam, Taiwan ,Thailand, Asia,japan,jordon.

@8Y2FLR6 from Illinois answered…1yr

@8Y2BXVKLibertarian from Oregon answered…1yr

Yes . But still continue to monitor and provide aid in other ways

@8Y2BBN7 from Ohio answered…1yr

We should support free people, aiming to protect the dignity of every human anywhere they are.

@8XZYJM9 from Iowa answered…1yr

believe that we should pull them out, but it needs to be in a way that does not harm the country more.

@8XZTZWX from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

They should've done so strategically. Pulling out of Afghanistan was the right call, but Biden's execution was horrible.

@8XZP8JC from Connecticut answered…1yr

No, do not pull all troops. Leave half in Afghanistan just in case.

 Deleted answered…1yr

Yes, but it needs an actual plan to get out and implement a better exit strategy without hurting allies and people that relied on us during that time.

@8XZLT89 from Arizona answered…1yr

A safe and slow withdrawal working with local govt to ensure democratic and safe new ruling parties.

@8XZFBFG from California answered…1yr