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@9XM2RSKRepublican from New York answered…3 days

They should have been removed when the time was right not all at once and that caused people to get killed

@9XBKZZFPeace and Freedom from Idaho answered…4 days

Yes, but slowly to help them accommodate to being without American troops there.

@9XKWBJNDemocrat from Virginia answered…4 days

We should fix our own mess first and then pull all troops out.

@9X8CXPBSocialist from Minnesota answered…2wks

Yes, but we need to keep a close watch and insert UN influence and presence to maintain human rights under the Taliban.

@9X85ZWYIndependent from Virginia answered…2wks

yes but only done safely and after rebuilding the damage done in the middle east

@9WYTLC6Democrat from Illinois answered…4wks

@9WYNFY4Working Family from Florida answered…4wks

@9GJM92FWorking Family from Texas answered…1yr

@9FL2JH4Libertarian from Tennessee answered…1yr

No, a sudden removal will cause a power vacuum as it did in Vietnam.

@9FKFB8NLibertarian from Michigan answered…1yr

@9FDXPZPLibertarian from Washington answered…1yr

@9FBX86SWomen’s Equality from Nevada answered…1yr

Yes, unless the Taliban decide to continue to be violent. Then we send the whole force.

@9F9QGQ8Peace and Freedom from Texas answered…1yr

The United States should have never been in Afghanistan and we’ve further destabilized the region to the point we cannot leave

@9F9L8BWWomen’s Equality from Utah answered…1yr

@9F8N47TConstitution from Virginia answered…1yr

Yes and no. Yes because I don't want to hear about military involvements. No because we need to make sure we have power.

@9XFQ733Working Family from Utah answered…1wk

No, but focus more on being useful with a smaller presence while still defending the citizens and their human rights

@9XDQNRXLibertarian from Florida answered…2wks

Pull all troops out, all civilians, & then immediately glass the entire region.

@9XCKRNVDemocrat from Louisiana answered…2wks

@SeriousUndead30Socialist from Colorado answered…2wks

Yes, the war has been prolonged for too long by lobbyists from military contractors

@9XBRV4YWorking Family from Virginia answered…2wks

No what a disaster, the average citizen could foretell this outcome

@9X2TZSVPeace and Freedom from Utah answered…3wks

@9WTY4KBDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…4wks

Yes, the US should not occupy any foreign land in peace keeping but instead shift focus to making countries self sustainable so they can defend themselves.

@9WT3HBPWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…4wks

No, American troops are placed in countries throughout the world on peaceful missions

@9WQT4BFDemocrat from Oregon answered…1mo

@9WPMMY5Republican from New York answered…1mo

yes but do it the right way and not rush it or do it all at once

@9WP3CBHIndependent from California answered…1mo

Yes, but with careful strategic plans to extract all who are Americans or Allies.

@9WMQLW9Independent from Idaho answered…1mo

We should have slowly pulled out because they were not ready for us to withdraw, and got people and equipment out first. But little late for that.

@9WMNGVRWorking Family from North Carolina answered…1mo

The United States should pull all troops out of Afghanistan, as soon as the terrorists have been elimited

@9WMHLH6Women’s Equalityfrom Pennsylvania  answered…1mo

@9WKHFV5Libertarian from Illinois answered…1mo

Yes, but the withdrawal executed by Joe Biden was horrendous

@9WK88PYGreen from Florida answered…1mo

Yes, but only after all Americans and Afghani assistants are safely evacuated.

 @redp1ll3dCommunist from Georgia answered…1mo

@9WDWGFXWomen’s Equality from California answered…1mo

No, we needed more time to train the Afghan military and deter the Taliban

@9WDTGFZConstitutionfrom Guam  answered…1mo

Yes, but bomb all afghani capabilities to determine any future attack

@XM-VDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes but do the withdrawal with safe protocols and having an efficient plan to make sure every troop leaves safely

@9W9XYF2Libertarian from Nevada answered…1mo

Yes, but not until we can guarantee the safety of those who’ve assisted the US have amnesty.


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