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@959K74L from North Carolina answered…5mos

No,but the government should abolish Amazon,Facebook and Google that have been continuing to work against the American people.

@98WPDQP from Wisconsin answered…7hrs

Yes, but keep many of the ideas and create new websites without monopoly

@98W7CKQ from New York answered…1 day

No, but regulations should be changed to allow for greater competition

@98VZGKQ from Indiana answered…1 day

Yes, these companies are too close to monopolies and stomping out competition and technological progress.

@98VTJRC from Maryland answered…1 day

@98VQGZRIndependent from Utah answered…2 days

I think that the companies themselves are fine, but we need more worker's rights, as well as preventing monopolies.

@98VLSQM from Illinois answered…2 days

No, the government has no business messing with public owned corporations like Google, Amazon or Facebook.

@98V46MN from California answered…3 days

The capitalist system is conducive to the formation of mega corporations. It is nothing more than a bandaid fix to break them up.

@98TXTY9 from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

No their are other companies that have higher revenue and just as much power as these companies. Also their are alternatives to all of these companies that you can use.

@98TVX3K from Minnesota answered…3 days

@98TRCPD from Montana answered…3 days

@98TQ7YF from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

@98TMP55 from California answered…4 days

No, but they need a lot more regulations, especially on how they treat workers as well as to prevent a monopoly

@98TLV6C from California answered…4 days

No but the government should place more restrictions on these companies.

@98TF2BP from North Carolina answered…4 days

This is a hard one, on one hand what right does the government have to meddle with private companies, and on the other three huge corporations working together can be devastating to the free market.

@98TDYLV from Texas answered…4 days

@98TDQ87 from North Dakota answered…4 days

Amazon no but the others can definitely go including Twitter. The reason is that Amazon can allow people to purchase items across the globe and that can help the public interest obtain items.

@98TBCXM from Idaho answered…4 days

@98T6HVF from Iowa answered…5 days

In regards to disconnecting them from each other then Yes, but if it is getting ride of then No.

@98T4SJC from Illinois answered…5 days

Action should only be taken after evidence of trusts or monopolies are proven

@98SS3WZ from South Carolina answered…6 days

Yes they have shown their inclination toward being corrupted and instructed by governmental institutions and congressmen

@98SRY34Independent from Tennessee answered…6 days

No, but limit their power and potential for loopholes. Hold people accountable for abuse of power and violation of privacy.

@98SQZH5 from North Carolina answered…6 days

@98SNTXV from Virginia answered…7 days

@98SKN4FProgressive from Minnesota answered…1wk

Yes. They fall perfectly under anti-trust laws and monopoly laws.

@98RCVPP from Kentucky answered…1wk

@98R8WB5 from California answered…1wk

@98QLC7W from Kansas answered…1wk

I don't think they should "break up" them, but Google and Facebook don't support free speech and something should be done about that.

@98Q4JX7 from California answered…2wks

Yes, but only when the government has proven that these companies have acted with criminal intent and or compromised national security and threatened the sovereignty of its host nation.

@98PXTMQ from Texas answered…2wks

Neutral, nobody uses Facebook anymore. Google is still very popular with knowledge outside of politics, and Amazon boosts the economy.

@98PXQ6Cfrom Virgin Islands  answered…2wks

Yes, but only if they are too hesitant to compromise regarding effective regulation, to keep their power and influence checked at all times.

@98PXCTH from New Mexico answered…2wks

Amazon, Facebook and Google have become necessary public utilities and should be collectivized.

@98PWRL4Progressive from Georgia answered…2wks

If there is certain proof that any human rights violations or unsafe work environment. Then no.

@98PWGZW from Ohio answered…2wks

No, but regulated them due to their platforms becoming heavily biased


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